Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Birthday and The First Year in Pictures

Our very good friend and "Aunt Tam" put together a wonderful "montage" of the first year in pictures. It actually includes more than the first year since there is a little of our wedding and some belly/ultrasound shots. After MUCH effort, she wasn't able to find a way to get it posted on our blog, but added her own blog. See the link below to watch it. Bring your Kleenex as she did a really great job. We can't possibly thank her enough.

You can copy and paste this link to your browser (or check out my "links" list to the right and click on it to take you there):

The birthday party was a smashing success. We held an "open house" and invited family and people who have helped us throughout the year to join us in celebrating their special day. We wanted to take the opportunity to thank these amazing and generous people.

The babies did really well handling all of the attention and commotion and managed to stay in the game until about 3:30p when they just HAD to go down for naps. We had "cupcakes" for them. Each baby got their own. Ems LOVED hers and ate quite a bit. Kendall was interested, but didn't eat too much. Not sure what was going on with Clark, but he kept dumping his on the floor, so we gave up. He seemed to watch Ems with hers and had a look that said, "Why are you eating THAT?!?!?"

I hope to get pictures from the party posted soon, but I've been sick with a stomach virus and just haven't had a chance. I thought I'd get the link to the video/montage up so that you can enjoy it.

We'll be in touch soon. Thanks for stopping in to check on us!

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Crystal said...


I just wanted to let you know that the video that was done for your family was wonderful! I know you all will cherish that for ever! The lady that did it is very creative. I loved all the songs that played throughout the video. The last one was the best!
Best of luck with your beautiful babies!!! I saw you at Goody’s a few weeks back and I am sorry that I didn’t take time to speak to you. I was in such a hurry and you looked busy.

Crystal Kirkland (From S&W)