Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just One Year Ago (almost)

Thought I'd dig out some of the pictures from their 1st birthday.

P.S. Outfits hanging up on the fireplace were some that they were wearing in the NICU and when they first came home from the hospital.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Business

We are getting some snow. Our area seems to be on high alert though I'm not sure how bad it really is since I'm inside.
Today, I tried to stick with my photography class rules and shoot only on "manual", but that just doesn't work when you are new to this and trying to get pics of moving targets. They NEVER sit still when you want them to and I don't quite understand how to get all of the elements to work with me, but give me 7 more classes and we will see what happens.
Daddy brought in some snow for the kids to see and touch when he got home tonight. I tried to keep them up a little later so that they could see him. They really enjoyed feeling the cold, wet snow and Emma giggled when he let her take a small chunk and walk around with it.
Kendall LOVES her kiwi, so please forgive the black seed that is stuck to her face. She was so happy to get kiwi that I had to take a picture of her.
And the picture of Clark with a sippy cup covering his face is just there so that I can show off his beautiful eyelashes.
Emma's "leg warmers" are really Cookie Monster slippers that she gets around her legs instead of wearing the slippers on her feet. She walks around like she is ALL THAT and a bag of chips and it was too funny.
Happy Winter!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quick post and pictures

Mommy had her first photography class tonight and I realized when I was pulling out of the driveway that I didn't get pics of them today. So I snuck around the corner of the house to get a few shots because they were on the porch with Nanny Barb. Kendall caught me but the other two were unaware and I wasn't able to get very good pictures anyway. The shots of Clark and Ems were from last night.
We are being told to expect snow and ice tomorrow afternoon, etc. I will just be so happy if the kids are snot-free that I won't care if we are snowed-in. I'm becoming resourceful and digging things out of the garage that they haven't seen in a while in an effort to keep them occupied. I wonder what we will find tomorrow....???? Aquadoodle maybe??????

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I admit it....I take performance enhancing drugs...

I have to come clean. I DO take performance enhancing drugs at times. What?!?! I'm not a runner, a baseball player or an Olympic athlete. I'm a mom of triplets. And I only try to work part-time (I just can't imagine how moms are able to work full-time). And there is just a lot to do. So, yes, I admit it....I take PMS meds. Yup. That's it. It's out in the open. It's not for the PMS (in most cases), but the caffeine. I don't drink coffee and usually can't find enough time in the morning to get any sort of beverage or nutrition in me that will help me get done all that needs to be done while tending to three sunshine-y kids. Troy says that I'm "Kim-on-crack" because I just get going and can't shut it down (especially the conversation), but mostly, I just get stuff done. A LOT of stuff. And at the end of the day, I feel pretty good about it. Toot-toot. I am tooting my own horn here. Not for the pat on the back from anyone, but so that I can go to my first photography class tomorrow night and not feel guilty about it. It's hard not to feel bad about taking the time away from the kids and away from all of the other things that I SHOULD be doing. I want to learn how to use my super-cool camera that hubby gave me as a belated BD gift (just before Christmas) and he also signed me up for this class. I hope to be able to take better pictures of my kids and do a better job at documenting our family memories and maybe even save some money too (by not using a professional photographer - but I'm not holding my breath on that one).
So shoot me. I take PMS pills that give me an extra burst of energy when I just don't think I can drag myself out of bed. I hope no one thinks less of me for admitting it.
Just look at these kids?!?!? Cute, right? Wouldn't YOU want to be able to take better pics of them too?????
By the way...we were practicing our "Happy Birthday" song tonight and Clark was SO tickled and I tried very hard to get a good shot, but just couldn't get my camera to cooperate (hence the class). But I am happy with these shots. Kendall was very happy to get "her" kitchen back in the playroom today. Now if we can just keep them from climbing on it and tipping it over they can keep it for a while.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pajamadini or Houjama or we'll just say "Pajama Houdini"

Our Emma. I think this will be my post about her. I had an entirely different post saved and ready to go until this happened and I felt it deserved it's own place in our blog history.
About an hour ago she was fussing in bed. Not hysterical, but more than a whine. Daddy and I both tried to let her work it out on her own for a little while but he felt compelled to check on her because he had visions of poop being painted all over the walls. She is our "diaper-diver" you know. We have had to keep her in footie jammies that zip up or use a sleep sack (it goes over the jammies and zips up from the bottom, so there is a greater challenge to get it undone). Tonight I selected warmer fleece-like jammies that are really 24 mos and fit Kendall much better. It's pretty cold outside and I thought she could use the extra fluff in her jammers. So these were definitely big on her, although I didn't see that as a problem.
Back to Daddy and his decision to intervene. He walks into her room and quietly tries to calm her and can tell that she is standing in her crib. He moves over to hug her and realizes that she is buck naked (or butt naked, depending on how you say it). Yup. No jammies. No diaper. Just Emma and what the good Lord gave her. I don't know how afraid he was to turn on the light, though I would have been terrified. She was standing there with her PJs wadded up in her arms. They were still zipped up and the diaper was in tact down one leg. Seriously?!?!?! How in the world did she do THAT?!?!!?! Pajama Houdini.
He brought her to tell me the story (naked still) and she just smiled, waved and said "hi-eee". That is her way of trying to kiss-up when she knows she has done wrong. Very wrong. She knows that her cuteness makes it hard to get mad. Ugh. She is now in a pair of footie PJs that fit snugly and wearing a sleep sack that not only zips from the bottom, but its on backwards, so she (hopefully...SURELY) can't get it unzipped.
She's our Ems. She has a funny squeal that will probably one day shatter glass and certainly doesn't do much for my hearing, but it is precious. She has quite a kick as well. I'm sort of thinking she might be our soccer star, but who knows. She is the one who has bonded to a plaything - Doo Doll. Emma loves to sing and dance and gallop and run. She says "bee-er" for bear and "tee-ta" for Santa and "Poo Pa" for Grandpa. She also seems to like the time she gets on her own - in her crib or in the play room 9when no one else is there to bother her and steal the toy she is interested in at the time). One particular favorite, the Elmo felt set and book, can keep her occupied for quite some time while she takes out each piece, one by one and arranges them in the book. She then puts them into a stack (very neatly) and gets incredibly aggravated when a sibling tries to get involved. She's sweet and feisty and is a real cuddle-bug.
Our little Emma.

Side note: Mommy set up the ball pit as a new diversion for them since they are still under the weather and it's so cold outside. I put a shot of Kendall climbing in because I think I saw her do that a bazillion times today. She loved getting in and out of the thing. was entertainment, so I'm not complaining!