Sunday, January 10, 2010

Do Doll...Poo Pa...and other silly things

Emma has a doll. She calls her Do Doll. At this point, I don't think that they understand names given to things vs what things are (i.e. We have a dog. His name is Teddy. Not all dogs are also named Teddy), so things tend to get called by the general type of object (cat, dog, baby doll, bear). I'm not sure when they start "naming" their animals, dolls, toys, etc. But Emma calls her doll Do least that is what it sounds like she calls her. And today, Do Doll went to the grocery store with us. This was her first outing with the family and we didn't have any major mishaps until we came home and Ems dropped her on the floor.....into the puddle of Teddy (the dog) puke. Yup. It was awesome! Do Doll barely hit the floor when I grabbed her, but I had seen enough and she would have to get a bath. Later, it was determined that I just needed to wash her hair, so I've included a picture of Do Doll with her clean hair. Daddy found me sitting in our bathroom blow drying Do Doll's hair so that Ems would still be able to take her nightie-night just a few minutes later.
Emma also has Grandpa and it seems that her name for him is Poo Pa. It could change, but today she called him Poo Pa and I think he loved it anyway. It was cute. He stopped by to see the kiddos and they were very happy to see him.
Clark and Daddy were playing with a truck this evening. They were driving it back and forth across the playroom and saying "vroom vroom" and Clark even imitated Daddy.
And Kendall just makes us laugh. She started "boogy-ing" to music last night when we went to the mall. And today she was captivated by the Irish-type (think Riverdance) dancers that appeared in a video they watched. She also got a kick out of being buried beneath a pile of stuffed animals and giving us a big "boo" when we just couldn't find her.
They were lots of fun today. Daddy even let them spend some time in the living room where they could see all sorts of fun new things. Clark seemed to love to dust so, being the incredibly generous parents that we are, we let him dust away. They constantly remind us of all that STILL needs to be put away or safely displayed. It seems that we can never babyproof enough around here for three toddlers and their curious eyes, fingers and mouths.
I thought I should explain that Clark's battle-scars are scratches that we presume came from one of his sisters, though we haven't seen it happen. What we have witnessed is his expert ability to swoop in and steal toys away from his sisters, so I doubt that those scratches came without him causing some mental anguish prior to the injury. This doesn't excuse scratching and we are certainly working to correct that particular behavior and find a different way to express anger and frustration (throwing things is always a better choice, right???).
And I'm just wondering if there is something to be concerned about when both "names" have something to do with the bathroom activity? Thanks that make me go hmmmmm.....
TTFN (ta-ta-for now).

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Megan said...

I think Troy should have taken a pic of you blow drying Do-Doll's hair, that would have been a great addition to the blog, LOL