Monday, May 28, 2012

H2O + Uncles + Mr. Jerry + Daddy = FUN!!!

I only have this one photo that I feel like I can post without being punched in the face. But I had to post a reminder for our family that we had an amazing Memorial Day celebration together.

Poo Pa, Uncle Albert, Aunt Tami, Nanny Barb and Mr. Jerry, Auntie Karen and Uncle Tom all joined us for a potluck cookout this evening. The food was great. The desserts were awesome. And we had lots of laughs.

The kids have enjoyed lots of moments in the sprinklers and even the pool (our blow-up version) this weekend because it has been HOT-HOT-HOT! We dug out the water shooters (a Dollar Tree spectacular deal - not guns, but longer tubes that squirt water) earlier today. I thought I'd be cute and squirt Daddy. But little did I know that Emma was sneaking up behind me and got me soaked! I couldn't even be mad because as our neighbor, Mr. Watts said "Values are caught, not taught." And Mommy was shooting Daddy with the water gun so it was only fair that Emma got me too. :)

But this evening was even more hilarious at the adults (men, of course) were trying to be fun and squirt the kids, only to end up soaked by the end of the evening. Uncle Tom finally gave in and jumped in with the kids. Kendall was not a big fan of the craziness as she just wanted to keep her pool water IN THE POOL. Emma and Clark, however, were sharp-shooters and seemed to enjoy all of the fun of chasing the big guys around the yard.

Thank you to all who serve our country to keep us safe.

And thank you to our family and "family" for joining us today. It was truly a great evening!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

First Recital

The girls had their first (only?) dance recital today. It has been a busy weekend with a block rehearsal on Friday, dress rehearsal yesterday and then the actual recital today. The girls have taken part in Wee Dance which is a mix of tap and ballet for the little ones, which lead to two different costumes and two different dances.
All of the girls in the class did such a great job. They were just beautiful and we loved watching them. We were lucky to have Aunt Tami come for the weekend to see them perform. Also in attendance for the rehearsal was Ms. Sue and Alex. Today, Daddy, Uncle Stevie, Auntie Karen, Uncle Tom, Tommy and Stephanie came to see the actual recital. Nanny Barb graciously offered to manage the backstage duties since my range of motion is limited following my surgery. She was a real trooper, though I'm sure she will not be volunteering to do the same job for any future performances.
Anyway, we were so proud of their performance. And mommy was on the other side of the camera as Aunt Tami had her camera out to get some shots. Even Emma was in on the photo-taking. While the makeup had to be pretty dramatic, in the end, they were just beautiful.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Recap: Fun Time with Nanny Barb - Part 1

Nanny Barb and Mr. Jerry have taken on a big job by agreeing to be the caregivers for the kids when we have to be away overnight. Troy won an all-expense paid trip for 3 nights to a certain location in Orlando that shall-not-be-mentioned specifically for fear of emotional distress that could be caused. I had surgery on May 3rd in Nashville so we were away for a few more days the following weekend. I just recently was able to get the pictures from her camera and wanted to start posting a few at a time.

They are such precious people and have blessed us more than we could have ever imagined. The kids are completely comfortable in their home and we are worry-free because we know that they are safe and loved. And I'm also very grateful that they are so thoughtful to grab a camera and get some pictures when we are away.

I'll be back soon with another installment.