Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Techno Toddlers

The kids are really in love with Uncle Stevie's ipod.  All of the adults have agreed that the kids need an ipad but they are simply too expensive and three are necessary in order to keep the peace.

Here are some pics of the kids watching their downloads on Uncle Stevie's ipod. 

I'm headed to bed because....well, I just am going to bed.


Monday, November 29, 2010

Calculators Rule!

I decided to throw caution to the wind and get the kids cheap calculators while I was shopping at Dollar General.  These are made in China and who knows if they conform to any sort of rules about plastics, but I'm just going to try to teach the kids that calculators are not for eating.  They are for calculating, calling people and using to stabilize oneself while trying to get upside-down (see pictures below).

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A really good day

Today was a really good day.  I'm currently reading Screamfree Parenting  and Troy and I made a team effort today to avoid raising our voices in anger.  To some this may sound like an obvious decision.  To others (who have actually raised a toddler) might understand why this requires a high-five agreement between both of us to even consider. 
In the end, it was a good day and the kids did well (and so did we).  We had a great time taking Teddy to the groomer and then looked around at the fish, birds, rodents and reptiles.  Afterwards, we strolled down the walkway to a book store and spent some time in the children's area.  They were really so well-behaved and it was just a peaceful time looking around at books and toys on display.  It was also a learning experience as we tried to explain that they needed to put things back where they found them.  We made a quick trip to Toys-R-Us (still not a bad thing because they are not aware that things can be purchased to bring home) and then a visit to Sam's that included lunch before heading home. 
I didn't get many pictures because I was trying to just focus on the fun, so to speak. 

I thought I'd remind everyone about how awesome those juice boxes really are!  We love these and these.  The smaller boxes are good because they are the right amount to quench their thirst but not too big to spoil their appetites.  The larger ones are just more reasonable for kids their age, but I'm no expert.  Kendall can drink the smaller box in about 20 seconds.  And later, we were just all having fun in the playroom while Kendall spent most of her time trying to talk to Teddy and tell him how wonderful his haircut turned out.  She is really good at handing out the compliments at times.
OK folks, that's it for me.  I'm ready to call it a day.
Happy Clean Sheet Sunday!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cleanin' Up with Clarkie

I had a chance to get out my camera during bathtime (mostly during Clark's bath).  I really had fun getting some shots of him goofing off.  Unfortunately, Emma has a fading bruise on her forehead from a run-in with the frame around the bay window earlier this week that looked pretty yucky in this light.  And it looked like Kendall had windburn due to playing outside today, so I decided it would be a Clark post.  

Happy Saturday and congrats to the Vols on their big win over Kentucky today!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Fantasy of Trees: Part 2

This is a cute shot that Uncle Stevie took with his phone. 

Kendall loved watching the children's choir perform.

I'm finally getting around to posting pictures from our trip to see the Fantasy of Trees on Wednesday morning.  There is so much to see there and we never seem to be able to spend much time actually checking out the beautifully decorated trees and the incredible gingerbread houses.  Wednesday morning included special gifts and activities for toddlers and we thought it would be a good opportunity for them to be out amongst other children their own age. 
It didn't go quite like I had hoped, but I do think that they enjoyed it for the most part.  Clark was having sort of a rough day, so he wasn't particularly interested in anything except the snacks that I brought....until he saw that stuffed polar bear.  I think he found a friend. 
The girls really enjoyed the children's choirs that performed (singing and dancing).  They also had a great time in the toddler area.  I think they were interested in the lights and the decorated trees too, but there was just so much to see and so little time (before naps anyway).
I hope to make it a tradition that we attend this amazing event every year (and maybe Daddy will get to join us too).

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal at Poo Pa's house today and the kids had lots of fun afterwards digging through the toy bins to see what sorts of treasures were kept there.  I was caught taking a little break/nap in the day in one of the shots.  Clark was cute and wanted to sit with me for a few minutes.  Later, Emma or Kendall came up shouting "Wake up, Jeff!" to try to rouse me from my slumber.  If you are not familiar with The Wiggles (a program for toddlers), you wouldn't really understand, except that the Wiggle named Jeff is always falling asleep and they get the little ones to shout "Wake up, Jeff!" in order to get him up and moving.  The kids don't seem to understand that "Jeff" is a person, not part of the phrase.  But it does make me smile.
Auntie Karen and Uncle Tom came by after naps to bring dessert.  The kids really enjoyed Nana's recipe for Spanish Buns (which are sort of like a spice muffin of some sort). 
Mommy and Daddy spent a lot of time goofing off with the kids today as well as trying to manage the emotional roller coaster ride of three almost three-year-olds.  There were a number of tantrums, emotional outbursts and quite a bit of crying, but we were still able to have some fun and get a few extra snuggles.  We even took a little walk in our neighborhood and got to chat with the Mimi, Mr. Watts and Lucy (their dog).
All in all, we DO have a lot to be thankful for on this day when we should all take time to reflect on our blessings.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fantasy of Trees Quickie Post

I'm just posting one picture from our adventure at the Fantasy of Trees and will post more later.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bubble-poppin' Craziness

We had so much fun popping bubble wrap tonight.  I wish that the pictures better reflected the squeals of delight as they jumped and tried to squish the bubbles.  There might have been a few times that a different bubble was popped by an adult so that the kids thought they were successful.  You can't imagine how difficult it really is to jump on them just right to make them pop, so they needed a little help at times.  I think Kendall jumped everytime one popped, but she giggled too, so she wasn't scared.  It's amazing what sometimes entertains our little group. 
[Safety Note: The fun was had with lots of supervision and the kids were not left alone with any of the bubble wrap.] 

Once again, there are big plans for tomorrow and I am REALLY hoping to get some cute pictures of everyone.  Let's just hope that everyone wakes up on the right side of their bed in the morning!