Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Good Night.....

So my blog post doesn't remotely match my pictures.  I wanted to post (so that I will remember this someday) about our good night routine.  You see, Nanny Barb started singing the "Good Night" song to them some time ago and we sort of brought it in as part of our nightly routine (and the going down for nap routine as well).  The song goes like this:

"Good night, ___________ (insert name here).
Sleep tight, __________ (name).
Good night, ___________ (name).
It's time to go to sleep."

In an effort to help the going-to-bed process with Clark, I started inserting "Mommy, Daddy, Teddy, Kendall, Emma and Clark" into the blanks.  It is sort of my way of trying to let him know what is next and sometimes that really helps him settle into bed peacefully.  He knows the words and sings along and lately has been inserting his own names into the blanks.  Tonight I just had to share his thoughts:

"Poo Pa, Uncle Stevie, Alicia, Greg, Sue, Alex, Spades, Barbara, Jerry and Josh"

He has been memorizing songs, a few books (just some of the pages) and even remembering people he has spent time with lately.  It's such a special treat to see him progressing in terms of his vocabulary. 

The girls were a riot this evening and even asked if Poo Pa could come over.  Fortunately, he was willing to stop by for a while and hang out with them in the playroom.  They all seem to love to show off their tricks and get him to sing along with them.  They have some sharing issues so Poo Pa had to play referee. 

And, as you can see, the pictures below had nothing to do with going to bed or goofing off with Poo Pa.  We had some time outdoors before dinner and they started to get into a newly-raked pile of leaves in the backyard. 

Kendall pinching Clark's cheek.

Notice the red mark on her cheek?  Clark decided to pinch her cheek in response to the pinching she inflicted on him.

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