Friday, November 19, 2010

Visions of Sugarplums..and turkeys...and stuffing....and cranberries..and princesses..and trains...

As we all know, Thanksgiving is fast-approaching which means that Christmas is not far behind.  This will be the first time that the kids might begin to have any sort of understanding about either holiday and I'm looking for ways to teach them in terms they can understand (and welcome any comments or suggestions).
Auntie Karen and Uncle Tom sent Thanksgiving cards to each one along with a little goodie tucked inside.  I let them open their mail at the dinner table and they got a kick out of it.
We also just received the American Girl catalog and the Toys-R-Us Toy Catalog was in the paper last week (I think).  Emma noticed the Toys-R-Us catalog on the dining table earlier this week and was pretty interested.  Tonight Kendall almost completely skipped dinner and then decided to peruse the catalog.  I gave the girls both of the catalogs after dinner and they really seemed to enjoy identifying the characters that they recognized (Thomas the Train, "princesses", Woody the Cowboy, Little Einsteins to name a few).  It was pretty cute to observe, but only because they don't know to ask for any of the toys decorating the pages. 
I imagine that they just might have sweet dreams (visions of sugarplums???) tonight imagining playtime with so many fun toys.

I came home today just in time for dinner and Alicia had them in the backyard.  I thought we'd try a picnic with pizza (Papa Johns, of course) in the sunshine.  It was actually pretty fun and they managed to get through one slice each before deciding that they would prefer to eat in their playhouse.  I sort of hate the thought since it has cobwebs and can get so yucky, but I went with it and it was too cute.  They would share bites through the "window" and I would almost always hear a "thank you" in response.

We have a big outing planned for them tomorrow morning and I'm hopeful that they cooperate and enjoy it.  I will report back to everyone tomorrow evening and let you all know how it went.

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