Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bubble-poppin' Craziness

We had so much fun popping bubble wrap tonight.  I wish that the pictures better reflected the squeals of delight as they jumped and tried to squish the bubbles.  There might have been a few times that a different bubble was popped by an adult so that the kids thought they were successful.  You can't imagine how difficult it really is to jump on them just right to make them pop, so they needed a little help at times.  I think Kendall jumped everytime one popped, but she giggled too, so she wasn't scared.  It's amazing what sometimes entertains our little group. 
[Safety Note: The fun was had with lots of supervision and the kids were not left alone with any of the bubble wrap.] 

Once again, there are big plans for tomorrow and I am REALLY hoping to get some cute pictures of everyone.  Let's just hope that everyone wakes up on the right side of their bed in the morning!

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