Sunday, December 30, 2007

I know, you are surprised to hear from me again....

OK, so I'm breaking all records here with a third post in less than a week. I have had some emails suggesting that I post more frequently, but honestly, there is not really much to say since I don't really do all that much....except wait.
Anyway, I just wanted to comment that I have added the FEEDJIT Live Traffic Feed information to the blog. I just thought it would be interesting to see who is checking the blog and from where. I know that our good friend (Troy actually refers to him as "brother"), Dave Kerr, is checking in with us while he is stationed in Iraq. We have family in Hawaii and other family in OH, NC, GA, etc. So I thought this might be sort of fun to keep up with. I don't know much about it, so if it gets annoying, I might delete it.
Mom (a.k.a. Nana) came by last night to let the dogs go out and also to work on washing some of the baby stuff that we have. We are still only washing the items that are "used" as we have no idea what to expect of their size and therefore what clothing items they will need. New outfits remain unwashed and waiting for the "green light" that the babies will be able to wear them. We have been so fortunate to receive so many hand-me-downs from other triplet families and other moms. There seems to be an abundance of socks, burp cloths and a number of receiving blankets. From what I understand, we can NEVER have enough burp cloths and receiving blankets, so I am NOT complaining.
That's all I have for the moment. Like I said, I just wanted to mention the new thing I added to the blog and see how it goes. Hope to "see" you here soon!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Two posts in a week - amazing

OK, I haven't been posting too much here lately, but since we had an appt with the doctor, I thought I'd just let everyone know that we are all doing fine.
As Troy says, the dr seems to giggle everytime we see him because things are moving along without any troubles. He really expected worse but seems to be quite pleased that it is going so smoothly (almost like a singleton pregnancy).
We did not get growth estimates (as predicted), but will get that info next week. Babies were all staying busy and heart rates were good, though Troy and I were a little concerned that Baby C (boy) was at 122 while the others were 153 and 144. Dr said that it is well within the normal range and nothing to worry about. He was also pleased that I showed a 4lb weight gain since last Thursday, though I think 1/2 of it had more to do with my heavier clothes and thick shoes. Either way, I do think I gained a couple of pounds (donuts and real ice cream are GOOD additions to my diet).
That's all for now. I'm planning to nap as I'm WAY behind on sleep due to the large size of my protruding belly. At least they wiggle around when I can't sleep, so I don't feel lonely. :)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Belated Christmas - Happy Wk 29 - Heading into 2008

Well, we didn't have our typical dr appt this morning as it is tomorrow instead. So, in that sense, I don't have any "updates". I can say that I'm enjoying the extra insulin and the real sugar! I've had cookies and crumb donuts and Brusters ice cream (Peppermint Stick and Cake Batter are the top picks right now).

The babies seem to move non-stop, especially in the evening. Baby B (girl) has been the most active, although A & C make their presence known at times. They do seem to respond when I start talking to them, or when Daddy comes home and says hello. Baby B is the most likely to bump or kick to make sure we know she can hear us. Pretty cool. We're wondering if she will be the hyper one, or just the one who likes to be held and wants all of the attention. Should be interesting.

Early Christmas morning we were talking about how different it will be for us from now on. It's pretty exciting to think about next year's Christmas with 3 little ones in the house. Aside from that, Christmas was nice as we had breakfast with my family - including my nephew's fiance, Stephanie (he popped the question on the 23rd and she said YES). We are very excited that 2008 will not only bring the addition of the babies, but also a new member of the family (and a wedding - we love weddings!). Later, we had lunch/dinner with Troy's family and hung out there to visit with them. The rest of the day/evening was spent working on the nursery.

The nursery has definitely started to look like it's ready to just add babies and it will be operational. We are still trying to figure out where things should go, what we need on the changing table, etc. But all three cribs fit with plenty of room left for potentially adding a love seat or couch (we've heard that this is better than a typical glider or recliner when there's more than one baby and a chance of more than one caregiver trying to handle the babies).

Not sure that you can really see a change in the belly picture, but don't let that fool you. I'm really outgrowing shirts as my belly sticks out more each day. While my weight wasn't really increasing, I think it is not stopping them from growing bigger and stronger. We hope to get growth estimates tomorrow, but it will probably be next week before we hear anything on that.

While my goal is still 34 wks, I've decided to just live to get to the next week (OK, sometimes it's just getting to the next day that I'm thinking about). Right now, we are fast approaching 30 wks and that is great. I'm so relieved and thankful that things are going fine. I sort of wish it could be a little less uncomfortable, but I know that this does indicate that the babies are growing and that's exactly what we want. Another triplet mom that we met in a multiples class will be delivering this coming Sunday and she will be at 36 wks. AMAZING. So, I know it can be done. We are also very thankful for the continued prayers and support as we prepare for them and try to hold on until at least 34 wks. Hard to believe they could be here in 5 wks or less!!!! Crazy. Life will certainly get more interesting around our house!

In case I don't post before Tuesday, HAPPY 2008!!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Week #28 and still hanging in there

Well, we have finally reached 28 weeks. This is a major milestone as they have a great chance to do well, although it's still best that they hang in there a little longer.
We had another appt today and the doctor was really pleased and quite enthusiastic. Once again, my cervix is almost 5 cm (this is good, it does not mean 5 cm dialated). There is no sign that the babies are getting ready to make an appearance. They were quite active and looked great, although we didn't get growth estimates because they were short-staffed in the office due to the holiday.
Our only issue is that I have to eat more and gain weight as it hasn't changed much in the last few weeks. Between the diabetes and the growing size of the babies, it's become much more difficult to eat the portions that will accommodate their needs and mine. I've been given the green light to eat whatever and use more insulin from now on in order to achieve the weight gain they are looking for. We immediately headed for IHOP so that I could get pancakes, eggs, hash browns and a big glass of milk (preceeded by a shot of insulin). Boy was it good.
Things are still progressing at home with the nursery and just generally preparing for their arrival. I have finally given up all of my accounting work and am just doing the job of being a gestational hostess (with the "most-est"). It was very difficult this week to finish up work with my remaining two clients as it still seems that what I "do" has been my identity for so long. I still hope to return to the work sometime, but it will probably be a little while until things settle down. For now, I need to do some reading up on parenting multiples, breastfeeding (I've skipped that chapter in any book I have read so far), etc.
Not sure if I will post again before Christmas, so I wanted to be sure to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wk 27 Belly Pic and Update

I'm not feeling creative enough to come up with clever titles for my blog posts these days. Right now, I'm just exhausted as I didn't sleep well and we had a 7:30am appt, so I need to take a nap. BUT I realized that some of you are a little annoyed that I didn't get a picture posted last week and I wanted to get this up there ASAP.

Week 27 and things are still just fine. We saw the babies again today and everything is going along without any complications. They are sort of shifting around in a clockwise motion, which is weird. Once they can identify Baby C (being a boy makes him a little more obvious than the two girls), then they try to determine where the other two are and who is who. It gets pretty confusing as it appears to be a little crowded in there. Next week (#28)is another big milestone and it sounds like they will start giving me weekly steroid injections in order to help their lungs mature faster.

I don't know if I can really see much of a difference from the side between the week 25 pic and the week 27 pic. We might have to consider taking pics from the front as it seems like I'm getting wider across my tummy as opposed to sticking out more. Hard to say, but I'm pretty sure that they are still growing in there.

I've been in "nesting mode" wanting to get things organized and all of that, but frustrated that there is very little I'm really able to do without help. I know that very soon, I will wish that I could be back in bed sitting around asking for help instead of running around like a crazy mom chasing after three little ones. For now though, I'm doing my best to stay put and have as few contractions as possible.

So, there's no exciting news to report other than the fact that we are still hanging in and waiting for the right time for them to make an appearance. Still hopeful that I can keep them in there for another 7 weeks or so.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Week #26 no picture, but here's an update

OK, as I type this, I do not have the week #26 picture, but will get it later this evening and post it.**It's Sunday and two days from week #27, so no picture this week. Sorry.**
Things are still moving right along. I've had a number of contractions all week and finally called the dr. They had me come in and get hooked up to a monitor and, of course, no contractions. Since we were scheduled for an appt on Monday, they went ahead and did everything today instead. Cervix is still over 4cm and the dr did the "happy cervix dance".
Babies are growing and up to A.) 1lb 13 oz, B.) 2lb and C.) 1lb 13 oz. Sounds like little boy "C" is letting the girls "catch up" some. A and C have really moved around and all of them seem to be crowding in from the belly button up. That sort of explains why I'm getting full as soon as I start eating - the babies are squishing my stomach into a tiny little place for very little food. They have been pretty active most of the week. There are definitely times where it looks like there is a soccer game going on and other times where they don't seem interested in performing for us. We've tried talking, singing and rubbing my belly to get their attention. Sometimes they respond with a little bump, but then again they might just sit quiet and avoid making a fuss.
Our week has been a little chaotic as we are getting windows installed in the house. We decided that it was necessary, would really benefit us in the long run and would be best to get done before the babies arrive. So far, they look really great. Troy even got a bay window out front and we are already making plans for the kids to sit up in it and watch for Daddy to come home from work. :)
That's about it for us right now. I'll keep you all posted if anything changes.