Friday, December 28, 2007

Two posts in a week - amazing

OK, I haven't been posting too much here lately, but since we had an appt with the doctor, I thought I'd just let everyone know that we are all doing fine.
As Troy says, the dr seems to giggle everytime we see him because things are moving along without any troubles. He really expected worse but seems to be quite pleased that it is going so smoothly (almost like a singleton pregnancy).
We did not get growth estimates (as predicted), but will get that info next week. Babies were all staying busy and heart rates were good, though Troy and I were a little concerned that Baby C (boy) was at 122 while the others were 153 and 144. Dr said that it is well within the normal range and nothing to worry about. He was also pleased that I showed a 4lb weight gain since last Thursday, though I think 1/2 of it had more to do with my heavier clothes and thick shoes. Either way, I do think I gained a couple of pounds (donuts and real ice cream are GOOD additions to my diet).
That's all for now. I'm planning to nap as I'm WAY behind on sleep due to the large size of my protruding belly. At least they wiggle around when I can't sleep, so I don't feel lonely. :)


Anonymous said...

Now you have a new fan here in Iraq. I am joyfully watching now and I cannot wait to come home and see these three gifts from God. I will be home in April and I will lend a hand changing a diaper or two if need be.

All my love,
David Kerr

LKC said...

Hi, Kim,Troy, and Babies 1,2,and 3 So glad and thankful to hear that you and the babies are growing and staying strong together! What a miracle to be able to all be so healthy! Prayers from all of your OH Kin are daily continuing,of course! We look forward to many more blog entries in the near future. Stay in touch! Love, Linda and Aunt Edna