Friday, December 7, 2007

Week #26 no picture, but here's an update

OK, as I type this, I do not have the week #26 picture, but will get it later this evening and post it.**It's Sunday and two days from week #27, so no picture this week. Sorry.**
Things are still moving right along. I've had a number of contractions all week and finally called the dr. They had me come in and get hooked up to a monitor and, of course, no contractions. Since we were scheduled for an appt on Monday, they went ahead and did everything today instead. Cervix is still over 4cm and the dr did the "happy cervix dance".
Babies are growing and up to A.) 1lb 13 oz, B.) 2lb and C.) 1lb 13 oz. Sounds like little boy "C" is letting the girls "catch up" some. A and C have really moved around and all of them seem to be crowding in from the belly button up. That sort of explains why I'm getting full as soon as I start eating - the babies are squishing my stomach into a tiny little place for very little food. They have been pretty active most of the week. There are definitely times where it looks like there is a soccer game going on and other times where they don't seem interested in performing for us. We've tried talking, singing and rubbing my belly to get their attention. Sometimes they respond with a little bump, but then again they might just sit quiet and avoid making a fuss.
Our week has been a little chaotic as we are getting windows installed in the house. We decided that it was necessary, would really benefit us in the long run and would be best to get done before the babies arrive. So far, they look really great. Troy even got a bay window out front and we are already making plans for the kids to sit up in it and watch for Daddy to come home from work. :)
That's about it for us right now. I'll keep you all posted if anything changes.

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