Thursday, November 29, 2007

Week #25 Belly Pic and Update

Well, we managed to miss getting a week #24 picture, so here is week #25. Looks like they are making progress in there.
We had another appt with the dr today and all is well. The nurse practitioner says that I look like I'm at 32 wks were it just one baby, although everyone always comments that I don't look like I'm pregnant with triplets. I FEEL like I'm pregnant with triplets. Especially when they are moving around all at once.
I've told a few people this story, but thought I'd share it here too: The other night, Baby A was moving A LOT. She is the one located below my belly button and lays across (and usually face down for some reason). At one point, I felt like she was vertical (still below the belly button) and standing up dancing or something. I told Troy that I was afraid her foot was going to "come out" if she wasn't careful. But no baby parts appeared and she eventually settled down.
They certainly have their days, or certain times of the day, where they seem to be shifting places and kicking a lot more. I really love it when Troy is around when they are active and he can watch/feel them.
Troy is working on the nursery as I type. We are anxious to start moving things in there and see what we've got and what we still need and how it all fits into the room. The turtles look so great on the nursery walls and he still has plans to build shelves for storage in the closet.
Aside from that, still no big news except that the babies are all doing well and growing. I'm spending most of my time at home in bed. I have been able to get out a few times during the week, but that is happening less often as it tends to really wear me out and I end up feeling pretty rough. I am certainly feeling uncomfortable and finding that position that IS comfortable is a little challenging - in between trips to the restroom. But it's still such an exciting time to be able to see their progress and know that they will be here before we know it. We are about 9 wks away from my "personal" goal and so far they seem to be cooperating with my plans. :)
Thanks again for checking on us.


Anonymous said...

I have been waiting for a picture! I really want to see you soon. Maybe I can bring you lunch one weekend soon!


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