Friday, November 16, 2007

Week #23 Belly Pic

Once again, I'm a few days late. The belly pic doesn't look like a big change from last week, so I almost didn't bother posting it. Troy pointed out that it is because of the shirt I was wearing last week and it looks like he might have taken it from a slightly different angle.
Anyway, despite the picture, it does feel like they are bigger. Troy was finally able to see them moving the other night. I think he was starting to think I was a little nuts when I kept saying that I had been watching them move around in there until he was able to see it himself.
I'm thankful that some friends have been able to come over and help me out at lunchtime. Troy is super-busy at work and not here at lunch or dinner, so I've been able to get some friends to stop in at lunch and my sister or mom usually come by at dinnertime to help me out and feed the dogs. I can't thank everyone enough for their support. I think that it is really making a difference and allowing the babies keep doing their thing when I am able to avoid taking the stairs too many times a day and because I am spending a lot of time in bed resting and making sure they stay put.
Our next appt is next Tuesday. I believe they will be checking the growth of the babies, so it should be interesting to maybe find out how big they are and an estimate of their weight. And of course it means we get to SEE them again, which is always a good day!

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