Saturday, November 3, 2007

Overwhelmed, Incredibly Blessed and Extremely Thankful

Wow. I mean! The "babies" shower was last night and first of all, I MUST thank Cynthia for her willingness to be the hostess and for doing such an amazing job. The food was wonderful and her pea pod theme/ideas were really cute.

A little explanation of the pictures posted with this message:
Precious cake that Aunt Karen worked so hard to get for us.
Picture of me with my "new little man" outfit.
Nana's van loaded up with the goodies (thanks to Megan and Jilliane for all their hard work loading and unloading everything)

I joked about the crowd sort of being "this is your (work) life" as I felt like my resume was represented in the faces of many of the people who were there. There were so many wonderful people in attendance who I met through one job or another and it was great. Unfortunately, I did not get to visit very much with each person, but I have to say that after seeing everyone there, I want to get together for a couple of hours with each one of you to talk and catch up on your lives. I would love to hear from you guys so that maybe we can do just that. I'm expecting to have a little time on my hands for a few more weeks.

Anyway, there was an amazing group of women who were family, friends and former co-workers. And everyone was so incredibly generous that Troy and I cannot thank you enough. He still has no idea what is in all of the boxes and bags as he just got a glimpse before we decided we were just too exhausted to look through everything. Seriously, there are so many wonderful gifts that I can't name it all, but let me tell you, we have hats, booties, onesies, diapers, toys, books, etc. It's just overwhelming to know that so many people support us and are celebrating with us as we wait for these three miracle babies to arrive.

I should also mention that some of my guests drove in just for the shower, including Aunt Sandi (from Georgia), cousin Megan (from Kentucky), cousin Jilliane (from Louisiana), Aunt Marsha (from Nashville) and "Aunt" Tami (from Ohio). All of them came just to celebrate the triplets and we were so thankful that they took the time to be here.

For now, I have to take some time to rest as today and Friday were really full of activity, but I did want to take a few minutes to mention what a great time I had last night and how grateful I am to everyone for their kindness.

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