Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Babies are cute

Pics: Troy's godmother, Margaret (and godfather, Les, who is not pictured), stopped in for a few minutes last week and we got a quick picture of her with Emma. Uncle Stevie with Kendall. All three babies hanging out in "jammies" (pajamas) on the couch in the nursery. Kendall inflicted the scratch on her own head last week as we were entering the pediatrician's office. Oops. Fortunately, my sister was able to "vouch" for us.

OK, so I know that Troy and I are VERY biased, but we just can't help it. We think we are so lucky to have cute kids. And it's a good thing they are because sometimes it is really hard to stick with this thing they call "parenting". Sometimes you just want to go somewhere - far, far away.

Right now, so many people are planning summer vacations, have been away for the holiday weekend, etc. We don't know when it will be feasible for us to travel again. Where would we go? How would we work out the logistics of traveling with three children under a year old?!?!?! Troy and I are "vacation people". We get through each week of work knowing that we will have a break at some point and go out of town. Right now, that is questionable. We realize that we have always been very fortunate to be able to go to places like Hawaii, Savannah, Orlando, West Palm Beach, St. Augustine, Stone Mtn, etc, but it is also a very hard habit to break (I feel a Chicago song coming on.....). It's hard to just plan an outing to go visit people or go to the dr, so I can't imagine a trip that would require hours in the car and then being in unfamiliar surroundings. But we know that someday soon, we will have to try a little outing for the whole family to "test the waters" so to speak. We are both excited to one day take them to Disney or children's museums or national parks all over the country, but for now, it will probably be a trip to Gatlinburg or something like that. We'll see what happens.

The babies are doing great. They are continuing to get so much better at "tummy time", which helps them strengthen their stomach and neck muscles (primarily). They are all chatty also, although Kendall is the most "talkative". We are working to add new toys, activities into their day just to keep it from getting too boring (for babies or for mommy???). They spend time in bouncy seats, swings, on the floor just kicking or on the activity mat. They love to watch balloons and are beginning to learn to hold things and seem to like hearing the sound that the various rattles make. We have been taking them on walks a little more often and that is a mixed situation. Sometimes they sleep through the whole thing, sometimes they are looking around wide-eyed and other times they are fussy. You never know what will happen, but we will keep going anyway. Eventually they will get out in their choo choo wagon (wait until you see pictures of THAT) and they will look forward to outings around the yard or the neighborhood.

I was just telling Troy how I occasionally look at the three of them and think they are still strangers since we haven't known them for long and I can't believe that we are related at all, let alone that they are our children. It's such a strange feeling to have kids....wonderful, awesome, but strange. And that there are THREE. How incredibly crazy is that?!?! Again, it's so amazing and wonderful, but I just can't believe that at this time last year, we had NO IDEA what was in store for us. I'm enjoying the process of getting to know them and learning how to be their mom. And Troy is doing a really great job being a dad to them. He really interacts with them and loves to cuddle. He feels so rewarded to come home and say hello and get a big, toothless grin from any one of them. I have to say that I LOVE those smiles too.

I have a "mother's helper" coming this week for a few hours and then another one next week. We also had a new nurse helper come last weekend. Unfortunately our previous nurse moved away last week. She had been with us since just a few weeks after they came home and had also been one of the nurses assigned to them during their NICU stay. We were sad to see her go, but hope that it's a great move for her family. So, we had a new nurse on Saturday for a few hours while he worked and I ran errands. It's amazing how hard it is to start over with a new person since there are so many things that you THINK you need to tell her. I realize that she has raised a child to adulthood and probably can handle it just fine, but still, we have triplets and it seems like I should be really clear about everything. She and her dad did a great job and we will see them again soon.

Thanks again for checking in with us. We wish Clark (the big one, not ours) a wonderful, albeit belated, birthday. And we are sending get well wishes, hugs and prayers to Jan for a speedy recovery.

We'll be back soon.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

16 weeks: The latest on our little sprouts....

Pics: 2nd cousin Kristen with babies a couple of weeks ago (sorry that it's turned sideways, but I can't seem to fix that issue). Nana and cousin Pat with babies. Larry, Kristen, Mommy and Daddy (and babies, of course). Aunt Sandi with Emma. The bride and groom last weekend on the dance floor.

We enjoyed the wedding weekend last week with Tommy and Stephanie. They are Mr. and Mrs. and busy enjoying the beginning of their new life together. We had a number of family members in town for the event and I'm hoping to get more pics with them on here soon (hint - please send pics if you have them). Thanks to Aunt Sandi, Aunt Edna, Linda, Sharon, Uncle Ray and Barb for coming over to visit with the babies and hang out. Thanks to Aunt Marsha (she drove from Nashville), Uncle Stevie, Jennifer and Helen for watching the three munchkins while we attended the wedding. We were able to enjoy ourselves knowing that they were being cared for by people who love them.

There was another round of vaccinations today. Actually it was just two shots, but it still gets my nerves a little worked up. The babies did pretty well. Unfortunately, it was just shots and no real check-up, so there aren't any official stats. We did get them on a scale (still in clothes and diapers) and they weighed in at:
Kendall and Clark tied at approx 11 and 1/2 lbs.
Emma weighed in at approx 10 and 1/2 lbs.
Not bad at all. We sort of thought Emma wasn't gaining even that much, so we were pleased, although I'll feel better that the next appt will provide us with more "offical" stats (lengths, weights, etc). We go back in 4 weeks for two more shots and a full check-up. Hopefully we can get them all up about 2-3 lbs (I think that is reasonable...who knows???).
Kendall is still proving to be a little more high-maintenance than the other two. She is less apt to just sit on her own an be entertained. She still just has the most radiant, beautiful smile and she seems to love time on the "magic carpet" (which is really the changing table in the downstairs "playroom", but all three just light up when they are on it, so we call it the "magic carpet"). Obviously, she is eating well and growing. Her hair is still light and there isn't too much of it and her eyes are still slate blue. She loves, loves, loves to kick and giggle, whether in the bouncy seat, on the mat/blanket on the floor or on the changing table.
Emma is MUCH calmer these days still and we have found her staying occupied while sitting alone in the swing or in bed. She is just looking around, taking it all in and sometimes even laughing. It is sweet to watch and such a relief that she can find something to do when we can't hold her. She has the most hair and it is dark. Her one eye is still slate blue while the other is brown. She was the first to really "find" her hands and sits there rubbing them together as though she is plotting something and other times like she is saying a little prayer. She is so sweet and has many more little sounds.
Clark still requires the least "maintenance". He is content in a swing, bouncy seat, on a mat...whatever, just playing by himself. He kicks non-stop and is happiest when he is kicking. He is also the most interested in music. He seems to really perk up when he hears music of any sort. Clark is also "chatting" a lot more lately. He still has his little throat clearing noise that he does (though it sounds different than his original newborn version). He is really growing seeing considering he went from being the smallest to being tied for "first place" as the biggest. :) We are really excited that he is eating well and seems like such a content, happy baby. He also has darker hair, though not quite as much as Emma.
All of them are really beginning to "talk" more with everyone and have really developed their own little personalities. We have tested out the Baby Einstein DVDs and a couple of the On Demand (cable) baby shows (to help make super-smart babies, of course)and they seem to enjoy them for a short amount of time. While we don't want them to be TV-heads, it is only logical that there will be times when Mommy or Daddy will need to do something and the TV can come in handy to occupy their inquisitive minds - if it's something somewhat educational.
We are working hard with them so that they can hold their heads up full-time on their own. Kendall is doing really well at it and Clark and Emma are doing pretty good and improving daily. They really seem to like time just laying on their backs (either on the activity mat or just a blanket) and staring at the shiny balloons or kicking, so we do that a few times a day to "wear them out". :)
That's all for now. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs. Moree!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Today is Tommy and Stephanie's Wedding Day!!!

Pics: The Groom-to-Be (Tommy) and Clark. The Bride-to-Be (Stephanie) and Clark. The blurry picture of Uncle Tom & Emma. Aunt Karen, Uncle Tom and Kendall. Jessie, his fiance and Clark.

We are very excited around here right now. Today is the day that my nephew, Tommy, and his sweet fiance, Stephanie, will be married. We couldn't be happier. As you would expect, there is still a lot to do (and I'm just talking about Troy & I getting ready) so it could take a while with three babies which means that I can't stay on the computer for long.
I did have a few pics from the rehearsal dinner last night where the babies made their debut (they will NOT be attending the wedding today). Please note that Clark was being passed around quite a bit, so we have numerous picture options of him. Kendall was pulled from her car seat after a power nap and ended up in quite a few pics also. But poor Emma only appeared in a couple of blurry pictures with Uncle Tom (which is why there is a blurry one of her here).
We are expecting to have many more pictures to post as there will be quite a few family members meeting the babies for the first time, so check back in a few days.
Have a great day! Congrats Tommy and Stephanie ("Uncle" Tommy and "Aunt" Teff)!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

My First Mother's Day

Pics: Mommy and babies on our first Mother's Day (date stamp on pic is WAY OFF, so don't mind that). One with Daddy too. Kendall then Clark in black and white. Troy's most recent favorite picture of Emma.

I've decided to start a new thing for me. Each day I'm reminding myself of at least five things that I'm thankful for. I know that this is something Oprah (and others) talked about years ago, but I never really took the time. Now I'm taking the time...because there are SO many things that I am thankful for. Today, I'm finally thankful to say that I'm a mother. What a wonderful day. It took me much longer to get here than I ever thought, but BOY did I get here!!!! :)
Wow am I thankful for my three beautiful babies. I'm thankful for a husband who loves all of us and is already a wonderful daddy. I'm SO thankful for all of the wonderful people who are helping us raise these babies - through your prayers, your help, your generous gifts. There is no question that our babies are loved and that is a wonderful feeling. I'm thankful that we have a home that is already proving to be a place where we will make many wonderful memories. I'm thankful for each little noise and coo that the babies make - especially the ones when they are eating. And I'm thankful for our family and friends. We are so fortunate to have family close by and friends who are such a big part of our lives. And I'm thankful for the mothers in my life - my mom, Karen, Sandi, Marsha and all of my friends. I've learned a lot from all of you during my time waiting to become a mother and I hope to be a good mother to my little ones.
So, there you have it. I'm feeling pretty thankful today. Sure, there are times that are really hard. And I hate it that sometimes THOSE are the things we talk/joke about. But when we get those beautiful smiles first thing in the morning (when neither of us are really ready to be awake)....ugh....it just makes your heart melt.
Happy Mother's Day everybody.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Rainy Day at Home

Pics: Wakey, wakey. 1.) All three trying to wake up to eat before Daddy left for a work event. Up close with 2.)Clark, then 3.)Emma, then 4.)Kendall. 5.) And baby feet. For those who can't see them in person, but love baby feet, here are four of our six feet (Clark and Emma). Kendall was being cuddled elsewhere at the time.

It's a rainy Saturday (well it is for the moment, anyway) and everyone is enjoying some quality time with Mommy and Daddy both. Our sitter had to cancel, so Daddy arranged for Uncle Stevie to help out some so that I can get to the store and run a few errands. We will have company (some of my family from OH) tomorrow afternoon until Tuesday, so we are gearing up for visitors.

Daddy had a busy week at work and Mommy was very fortunate to have many helpers (including Mrs. Willis who was here FOUR TIMES!!). She even brought her granddaughter, Anna, to help out a little on Friday morning. Anna was very helpful folding baby laundry and trying to get the babies playing with a few toys.

We are excited about little things - like more hair for Emma and Kendall both, or a new sound Emma made when she cried last night, or the new little coos and sounds that each one of them have made. We are also happy that they slept for 6 hours straight last night. We are both so glad that Clark is very patient as he often has to wait and just sit in a swing, bouncy seat or a Boppy while we (or our helpers) tend to one or both of the girls. We LOVE to see their beautiful wide eyes open more often now and looking around at everything they can see. They still love to stare at our black ceiling fans downstairs and the black picture frames on the walls. But they also seem to recognize our voices and our faces now and seem to smile for us more often. We are able to coax more and more smiles out of them, especially Kendall.

Clark has big, toothless beautiful grins. He is also the one that usually wakes up first during the night with a fairly high-pitched squeal indicating a need for a diaper change and a big bottle. As I said before, he is also VERY patient and learning how to be a gentleman by letting the girls go first. He is holding up his head and looking around to see things that he seems to be interested in. He loves the brightly colored rattles, stuffed animals, etc.

Emma is just too cute with her little sprouts of hair. She also has a big beautiful smile and usually blesses us with one or two when she is eating, though it's a little hard to get one out of her otherwise. She is able to hold her head up often, but we continue to have "tummy time" to make her stronger.

Kendall remains Smiley #1. She has a HUGE grin and lights up easily (quite rewarding after a long day of fussy babies). She is working hard to hold her head up on her own more and more and she leads the pack at that particular milestone. She still LOVES to spend time in the bouncy seat (which is a good thing, since we need to keep SOMEONE occupied in the event of another fussy baby).

We are beginning to wonder how much longer "swaddling" will be part of our naptime and nighttime routine (which would be good as it is my least favorite thing to do - I'd even rather change a really poopy diaper than swaddle). They are getting so big and strong that it's hard to keep them bundled up. Clark and Kendall, especially, tend to get out of their swaddles and then scoot down in the bed, which leads to crying when they get stuck in a funny position. We will probably begin to take everything out of the crib and try letting them just sleep in it without anything extra (no sleep positioners, blankets, etc). We will probably also experiment with the Halo Sleep Sacks as it gives them blankets that they wear so it's not dangerous for them....and then Mommy and Daddy can have the air conditioning running at a nice, comfortable temperature.