Saturday, May 3, 2008

Rainy Day at Home

Pics: Wakey, wakey. 1.) All three trying to wake up to eat before Daddy left for a work event. Up close with 2.)Clark, then 3.)Emma, then 4.)Kendall. 5.) And baby feet. For those who can't see them in person, but love baby feet, here are four of our six feet (Clark and Emma). Kendall was being cuddled elsewhere at the time.

It's a rainy Saturday (well it is for the moment, anyway) and everyone is enjoying some quality time with Mommy and Daddy both. Our sitter had to cancel, so Daddy arranged for Uncle Stevie to help out some so that I can get to the store and run a few errands. We will have company (some of my family from OH) tomorrow afternoon until Tuesday, so we are gearing up for visitors.

Daddy had a busy week at work and Mommy was very fortunate to have many helpers (including Mrs. Willis who was here FOUR TIMES!!). She even brought her granddaughter, Anna, to help out a little on Friday morning. Anna was very helpful folding baby laundry and trying to get the babies playing with a few toys.

We are excited about little things - like more hair for Emma and Kendall both, or a new sound Emma made when she cried last night, or the new little coos and sounds that each one of them have made. We are also happy that they slept for 6 hours straight last night. We are both so glad that Clark is very patient as he often has to wait and just sit in a swing, bouncy seat or a Boppy while we (or our helpers) tend to one or both of the girls. We LOVE to see their beautiful wide eyes open more often now and looking around at everything they can see. They still love to stare at our black ceiling fans downstairs and the black picture frames on the walls. But they also seem to recognize our voices and our faces now and seem to smile for us more often. We are able to coax more and more smiles out of them, especially Kendall.

Clark has big, toothless beautiful grins. He is also the one that usually wakes up first during the night with a fairly high-pitched squeal indicating a need for a diaper change and a big bottle. As I said before, he is also VERY patient and learning how to be a gentleman by letting the girls go first. He is holding up his head and looking around to see things that he seems to be interested in. He loves the brightly colored rattles, stuffed animals, etc.

Emma is just too cute with her little sprouts of hair. She also has a big beautiful smile and usually blesses us with one or two when she is eating, though it's a little hard to get one out of her otherwise. She is able to hold her head up often, but we continue to have "tummy time" to make her stronger.

Kendall remains Smiley #1. She has a HUGE grin and lights up easily (quite rewarding after a long day of fussy babies). She is working hard to hold her head up on her own more and more and she leads the pack at that particular milestone. She still LOVES to spend time in the bouncy seat (which is a good thing, since we need to keep SOMEONE occupied in the event of another fussy baby).

We are beginning to wonder how much longer "swaddling" will be part of our naptime and nighttime routine (which would be good as it is my least favorite thing to do - I'd even rather change a really poopy diaper than swaddle). They are getting so big and strong that it's hard to keep them bundled up. Clark and Kendall, especially, tend to get out of their swaddles and then scoot down in the bed, which leads to crying when they get stuck in a funny position. We will probably begin to take everything out of the crib and try letting them just sleep in it without anything extra (no sleep positioners, blankets, etc). We will probably also experiment with the Halo Sleep Sacks as it gives them blankets that they wear so it's not dangerous for them....and then Mommy and Daddy can have the air conditioning running at a nice, comfortable temperature.

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