Declutter 2011!

January 11, 2011 -
Troy and I have decided that this is the year to really hunker down and get rid of stuff.  We want to live more simply.  We want more quality time with each other and our children, as well as friends and other family members. 
In order to live more simply, we first have to declutter.  We are getting rid of stuff!  I hope to post more and even offer links to help anyone who is interested join us in our "battle of the bulge."
I'm sort of a pack rat.  I try to tell everyone that I'm really an expert girl scout - you know "be prepared" and all of that good stuff.  So I hang onto things with the idea that they might be useful.  Since I have already spent the money or someone has offered to give it to me, then I should wait and eventually I will find a time and a place that it will work for me/us.
This thinking leads to lots of stuff.  Boxes of clothes that I might need for painting projects or camping trips.  There are numerous containers of lotions and creams and salts for having my own in-home spa night.  My clothes always seem to shrink, but since I've spent the money, I should hang onto them for when they might fit again.

That's all I can process for the evening.  I just wanted to start putting my ideas "on paper" and talk about what is going on at the Louis house.