Sunday, April 8, 2012

Our Easter Blessings 2012

We had a really fun Easter with the family. Poo Pa, Uncle Stevie and Uncle Albert hosted lunch at their house with ham, sweet potato souffle, beans, rolls and.....EASTER BUNNY CAKE! Yum. It was all a hit with the kids (and the adults).
The kids really lucked-out because the Easter Bunny actually made a quick run by Poo Pa's house and managed to hide quite a few eggs in the backyard. They had SO much fun hunting for the goodies. And, as you can see in the pictures, Clark was the winner of the extra prize when he located the Golden Egg. What a tradition that could be for us!
After lots of sweets and treats, we decided to skip naps and head straight for the outdoors. They had time to ride bikes, play in the back yard, "mow" and run around for HOURS before ever having to come indoors. Auntie Karen and Uncle Tom dropped by and he even got in the fun when he chased the kids around the yard. I am hoping that they will sleep like rocks tonight!

Happy Easter to all and to all a good night.