Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from the Louis Family!

Pictures: Uncle Stevie and Ems doing some building. Clark and A spending some time being crafty. Kendall and H doing some coloring. The three munchkins when they first met Shoney Bear. They LOVED him. Go figure. Clark with a Fall leaf. The girls in their Fall "best" (Go Vols!). Ems and her Pooh pumpkin. Kendall and her Pooh pumpkin. Clark swinging at the park.

We wanted to tell everyone how thankful we are for your love and support and so I thought I should get some pictures posted. The outdoor pics were taking during a "photo shoot" at Nanny Barb's house while Mommy and Daddy were celebrating their 5th anniversary. Mr. Jerry, Auntie Karen and Uncle Tom and H were all there to help manage the three kiddos for pictures. Not sure who had a better nap that afternoon - kids or adults?????
This past Wednesday was a special trip to The Fantasy of Trees (a local event benefitting Children's Hospital). We had help from Nanny B, A (boy), H (girl), Uncle Stevie and Auntie Karen. Once again, the adults needed a nap as much (or more) than the kids did once we got home.
We are missing Nana as this is the first real holiday (beyond Halloween) without her. Thankfully we know that she, Pop-pop and Grandma Louis are in Heaven feasting with the King of Kings.
We wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving with many blessings to be thankful for on this special day.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trick or Treat

I thought it was about time to share some pictures from Halloween. I'm posting some video clips from the last couple of weeks. Nanny Barb took some video of the kids playing on her roller coaster on the back deck (at her house). They were having a blast. In some instances, it took more than one video clip to cover the entire ride, but it was worth the wait.
Kendall was a (purple) butterfly. For those of you who are around enough to know that purple is NOT Kendall's color. It is normally an Emma color, but it is what they had at Old Navy last year on sale, so that is what she got. Emma was a ladybug and she wasn't her usual bubbly self. She seemed a tad overwhelmed by the number of people around and all of the attention that they got as a result of being way too cute! OK, it was probably the choo choo wagon that drew all of the attention, but it certainly doesn't help that they were OOZING cuteness that evening! Clark was our little bat-boy, meaning he was a bat. At one point, he was so relaxed, he had kicked his feet up on the choo choo wagon and was just taking it all in while he rode around in style. There are also some outside/garage/patio pictures from Nana's house. We've been taking the kids over there to play because there is a really great area that is pretty safe and confined. We have riding toys, a broom and try to spend snack or lunchtime there also so that they can eat at the "big table" without the aid of high chairs. I'm sad that we are there without Nana, but know that she would be happy that the kids can be there and have fun. We didn't get to a pumpkin patch this year as we had hoped. There was a trip scheduled with the Knox Multiples Club, but it fell on a rainy, wet Saturday, so it was cancelled. Hopefully the kids can enjoy a trip to a pumpkin patch on a hayride sometime NEXT Fall. We hope you all had a super-fun Halloween.