Working with Me

I need to post something technical and legal and much more official, but for now should at least mention the following:

I may or may not receive free products to sample and then discuss and share with my readers.  I will always be up front and notify my readers when I have been given a product for free or at a reduced price by a company in order to provide a review.

If a company offers a product that I do not like, I would prefer to avoid the formal review and just notify the company directly.  I will not be returning products that have been sent to me for review. Items that I cannot use will be donated or offered to readers in a giveaway.

I may receive products that I can share and promote on my blog.  Again, I will notify readers and use a process to randomly select the winner (I will insert that information here once I select the way it will occur).

Should your company be interested in advertising opportunities on either this blog, Louis Party of Five, or my other blog, BreastCancerBootyKicker, please contact me at I will list any other blogs as they become available.

I am currently working to learn the process of promoting my blog and products advertised here and expect to find a way to help support my family by doing so while I SURVIVE the process of kicking some breast cancer booty!  We are (surprise!) a family of five, including four-year-old triplets (two girls and a boy).  We have one dog who is 9 years old and suffers from a torn ACL (we are not able to afford the surgery to do the "repair" at this time).  My husband works full-time and I have recently left my full-time accounting job to attend to my health.  We would consider any products or services that would fit into our situation.  If you were to, say, offer me free cat food or cat treats, I would either politely refuse it (should you contact me first) or donate it to the local shelter (if you just send it without asking me).

As a result of my breast cancer diagnosis, I am very interested in connecting with other survivors.  Providing some network opportunity for moms with breast cancer is of particular interest to me.  I am searching online for support groups, conferences, trials, etc and I would appreciate any information or resources offered to me.

I am also working to gain affiliate relationships with various companies in order to receive compensation for sales of products as a result of links that I post on my blog to their site.  As an example, I have an affiliate status with BabbaCo to be paid whenever anyone clicks on the box on my Home page AND also purchases a BabbaBox subscription or just one box.  I will continue to add information as required in order to be very open and honest with my readers.

Thanks for your patience.

Kim Louis
June 14, 2012

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