Saturday, May 17, 2008

Today is Tommy and Stephanie's Wedding Day!!!

Pics: The Groom-to-Be (Tommy) and Clark. The Bride-to-Be (Stephanie) and Clark. The blurry picture of Uncle Tom & Emma. Aunt Karen, Uncle Tom and Kendall. Jessie, his fiance and Clark.

We are very excited around here right now. Today is the day that my nephew, Tommy, and his sweet fiance, Stephanie, will be married. We couldn't be happier. As you would expect, there is still a lot to do (and I'm just talking about Troy & I getting ready) so it could take a while with three babies which means that I can't stay on the computer for long.
I did have a few pics from the rehearsal dinner last night where the babies made their debut (they will NOT be attending the wedding today). Please note that Clark was being passed around quite a bit, so we have numerous picture options of him. Kendall was pulled from her car seat after a power nap and ended up in quite a few pics also. But poor Emma only appeared in a couple of blurry pictures with Uncle Tom (which is why there is a blurry one of her here).
We are expecting to have many more pictures to post as there will be quite a few family members meeting the babies for the first time, so check back in a few days.
Have a great day! Congrats Tommy and Stephanie ("Uncle" Tommy and "Aunt" Teff)!!!

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