Thursday, November 1, 2007

Like a million bucks

Well, according to the nurse practitioner, I look "like a million bucks". Everything is about as good as it can get. The babies are growing well, fluid levels are good, blood pressure is great, weight gain is fine, cervix remains long and curved. We won't be back in the office again until just before Thanksgiving. Depending on how things look then, we will start going in every-other week or once per week. I guess the saying goes "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", so as long as we aren't having any problems then we don't need to be there.
Aunt Karen went with us to witness the ultrasound as they didn't do them when she was pregnant. We got to see them sticking out their tongues and even got one of those really cool 3-D/4-D pictures of our little boy. Unfortunately our girls would not cooperate (though we hope this is NOT a sign of things to come), so we didn't get the same pics of them. I can't believe how "real" he looks already. After seeing the scary ultrasound "Skeletor" pics when we see them from the front, I was starting to worry. :)
That's our good news for the moment....everything is great with all three babies and mom is surviving the finger pricks, insulin injections and low carb/sugar diet. The babies kept me up this morning kicking (lightly)which is still one of the absolute best things so far. It is so much more "real" when I can feel them squirming around, although it is still somewhat surreal that there are THREE babies, but the farther along we get, the more I start to believe it.


Anonymous said...

HMPH!!! Are you not going to show us the 4-D picture????

Anonymous said...

Wow, how amazing! You're already a terrific mommy by doing such an amazing job with the diabetes stuff!
And yeah, feeling my baby moving was my favorite thing too.

Renee said...

I'll have to agree, you do look "like a million bucks". It was great to see you. We will continue to lift you, Troy and the three little peas up in prayer.