Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Still looks like a million bucks

We've officially hit a big milestone by making it to 24 weeks. I might have explained this before, but just in case, this means that they are technically viable. If our babies were to decide to make their grand entrance into the world, the doctors would have options available to help them survive. The next milestone is 28 weeks. As I've said before though, I'm going for 34 weeks, so that's that.
We had an appt today and the fetal fibronectin test was negative. A positive result could indicate that I would go into labor during the next two weeks, so we are VERY pleased to find out it was negative. My cervix is still over 4cm and the babies are all doing very well. In fact, they are estimating their weights at A) 1lb 3oz, B)1lb 4oz and C)the big boy at 1lb 6oz. The doctor is pleased that they are at similar weights as it means that no one is hogging all the good stuff. :) Once again, heart rates were strong and they are much bigger as you can't get all of one baby on the screen at the same time.
Our doctor seems to be very happy (and somewhat surprised) that we are not having any complications so far. I told him that I'm still aiming for 34 wks, so it's a good thing that things are going smoothly.
I've gotten the green light for a little extra insulin on Thanksgiving so that I can splurge a little with things I really love and maybe a small bite of REAL dessert!

Thanksgiving certainly takes on a whole new meaning to us this year. There are three miracles that will soon be here and we cannot even begin to express how blessed we feel. Next year will be a much different atmosphere at Thanksgiving and we look forward to having a large family to celebrate with then.

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Chanda said...

I'm glad you get to give yourself a little extra "juice" on Turkey day!
You are doing great! Keep it up tri-mama.