Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Week #21 Belly Pic

Here is another belly update. Personally, I can't see much of a change from last week, but here it is anyway.
What I can't believe is that we are actually at week #21! There is so much to "worry" about with a pregnancy in general and especially with multiples, so it is such a relief to get this far and know that technically we are only 3 weeks from the possibility of the viability of the babies should they come really early. As I've said before, we have a much loftier goal of 34 wks, but knowing that we've even seen a preemie who was born at 24 wks and was thriving 3 wks later is a little comforting. We can only continue to pray that things continue to go smoothly and I can keep myself horizontal as much as possible.
The babies have been more active during the last few days. Yesterday I was even able to SEE when I got thumped. There was a little jump on my belly. This has to be the coolest part so far.
I don't feel like I'm putting on the pounds that they had hoped for, but still keep trying. Today I even indulged with Long John Silvers for lunch AND a Wendy's double with cheese for dinner. I'd say that I packed in a few extra calories, so that is a plus. I really want to be sure to keep trying to gain as much as I can for the benefit of the little ones. I think they enjoyed the burger as there was a lot of thumping about 90 minutes later.
It's getting late, so I'm going to get this posted. We'll update after our Thursday appt.

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