Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Week #19 Belly Picture

Well, here we are....bursting forth with 3 babies. Looks like they are growing well so far. Sometimes I can't really tell that there is any change despite the pains from stretching, etc. And then I see the picture and notice that we seem to be protruding just a little more than last time. Of course, some of this may be due to the fact that I just ate dinner, but I think that they are getting a little bigger these days!

I'm adapting to the "diet" and finding ways to get "treats" that are low carb, but still let me have sweet stuff. The numbers are doing a little better.

Troy and I were out shopping for the minivan today. We may have found something but we will find out tomorrow. I'm a little sad to let my SUV go and I will feel a little funny driving around in a minivan before the babies even arrive, but if this deal works out, it is a pretty nice vehicle, so it should be fun.

Hope you enjoy the pic!

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mertonjocelyn said...

Hi Kim & Troy,
Congratulations...we are all very excited here for you both and will follow along with your Party of 5 blog page, I think that was a great Idea... Can I send you guys ANYTHING for the nursery that is hawaiian that you want...Please let me know.. I will search till I find what you need to make it perfect... I was so touch to see our picture up there... You two are too cute...Lots of love, Jocelyn and Ohana from Kauai