Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Week 18 Belly Pic

Well, we are at week #18 and just two days away from the next appt where we will learn the sex of our beautiful babies. How exciting!!!!!!
There's not much else to report aside from the fact that I'm still working on establishing a routine for the whole diabetes thing. I have fallen in love with sugar free jello and sugar free pudding. They are my substitutes for Slush Puppies, 7 minute frosting, etc. Long John Silvers has still proven to be a good way for me to get protein and calories without lots of carbs.
I've also been spending some time trying to figure out whether I'm feeling the babies moving around in there. I've decided that I need for them to mark my belly with big "X"s to indicate baby A, B and C so that I will find them again. I keep feeling little flickers and bumps, but haven't determined whether its them or some sort of digestive process going on. :)
Check back with us on Thursday to find out the BIG news!

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Anonymous said...

Why did you cut your head off in the belly pic? Next photo we would like to see your smiling face! Lori