Thursday, October 11, 2007

Drum roll please..................

Sorry for the delay in sharing the news, but it's been a LONG day!

I know you are here to find out what we are having.....

Baby A = Girl (Probably. This will be confirmed at 20 wks, but it looks like she's a girl.)

Baby B = Girl (Almost definitely as they have sort of said this for the last 6 weeks.)

Baby C = Boy (Definitely. Troy even requested a picture of his "boy parts" in order to confirm this.)

All three of them are doing well. They did a more detailed anatomy scan this time and didn't see anything to be concerned about. In three weeks, we will return for a more in-depth look at each heart, but as of today, they each have four chambers which is what we want to see.

That's our news for now. It's time to pick out names and shop for some girlie things and some fun boy stuff. Thanks for keeping up with our progress.


Krow said...

Yeah! Congratulations.
I thought my dream of 3 boys would hold up, but I think mix is the best.

Names, huh? I have a suggestion. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wow...two girls and a exciting. I can't wait to go shopping. Keeping you (all of you) in our prayers.

Anonymous said...