Sunday, October 21, 2007

Marvelous Multiples

We attended a multiples class ALL day yesterday. It was really pretty helpful and they loaded us up with information, ideas, etc. There were two other triplet parents-to-be in the class and two twin parents-to-be as well. We got a tour of the NICU (Children's/Ft Sanders, but we will deliver at UT), labor & delivery, hospital rooms, etc.
The NICU was definitely emotional for most of us who are loaded up on hormones as a result of our multiple pregnancy, but also filled us with hope to see how these babies were being cared for and managing to survive despite their early arrival. This is the first time Troy & I have ever seen a preemie up close, so it was certainly eye-opening. It is amazing how tiny their little fingers and toes can be, and how adorable they are.
We also met a twin mom and two triplet moms (I have met them before at dinners) who were kind enough to share their experiences and give us some suggestions about things that worked for them.
All in all, we learned a lot, but know that there is still much more to be learned as we move farther along in the pregnancy.

So far, the Odyssey (minivan) is pretty cool. We really haven't driven it too much, but did realize that it will work out for us to use as "date night" in the future. Get your minds out of the gutter, I don't mean THAT kind of date. I mean, at first, we could just sit in the van and watch a movie together even if we don't leave the garage, while someone/group of people keeps and eye on the babies. It would just give us a little time away without actually going too far. Then we could try leaving the house and going to a parking through somewhere for food, get a good movie and instant "date night". Sounds like a pretty good plan to me. :)

Babies still seem to be growing in there. I'm still working with the numbers as I try to keep the diabetes thing under control. Good thing I found nitrate-free, organic hot dogs as they have been the one thing I can cook myself quickly without getting too worn out.

We are almost to 20 wks (another good "hump" to get over), so expect a new belly pic soon. It's still about 1 and 1/2 weeks until our next appt, so there is no news on that front.

Thanks for checking in!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kim,
I love reading your blog. I can sense the joy you are experiencing as a mommy to be. I LOVED being pregnant and reading your blog takes me back to the early days. It was always exciting getting to go to the doctor and see pics...I had a great Dr. who gave us pics at every appointment but maybe one. Again, I sense your excitement and I'm excited for you too, can't wait to see you with your babies. You'll be a great mom! Chistie Elliott