Sunday, October 14, 2007

Baby clothes, names, the nursery....

The pressure to name our three bundles of joy is on. Now that we know what they are, we are often asked what names we have chosen. While we have come up with a couple of options, there is nothing definite right now. It's such a HUGE responsibility to name these babies and know that they are stuck with it for life (or until they are old enough to decide to legally change their name which would be really weird and a confirmation that we had definitely chosen the wrong name).
We did get out yesterday and looked at baby clothes (Babies R Us). We had looked a little before, but now that we know the sexes, it was a lot more fun....and more complicated. We don't really intend to dress the girls alike, but in some cases (specifically for preemies), there just aren't a lot of options. We did find the bibs that say "I love Daddy" and "I love Mommy" which were big hits for us. :) Aside from that, WOW there are a lot of options out there....gowns, onesies (short-sleeved and long-sleeved), sleepers, socks, booties, mittens, hats, and so on. For those of us without children and similarly without a clue, it was a little crazy. But it was so cool to see the tiny hats and socks for preemies. (We are not being negative about their early arrival, just realistic...they will almost certainly arrive early...just ask my belly.)
About the nursery, there is still work to be done and final decisions to be made. We've had some trouble finding cute sea turtle things, so we may have to amend our decision, but have not done so yet. The colors in the nursery remain sage green (the main color) with accents in pink, yellow, blue, lavender. While they are babies, they will share a room, so we want to be sure to mix it up a little. Once they are older, yes, the little prince will get his own space and the girls will share a room (THAT should be interesting).
I'm also pleased to report that Taco Bell has brought back the Chilito/Chili-Cheese Burrito. Well, SOME of them will make one for you. They have chili cheese nachos, so they should be willing to make the burrito. Per my nephew, Tommy, the Taco Bell at Walker Springs will not accommodate a request to make a Chilito, but I did find that the one on Cedar Bluff will do so. That was before I did a glucose check and found out that I won't be eating them anymore (or at least until I absolutely HAVE to use insulin at mealtimes) as my number spiked. Bummer because it was pretty good. But for those of you who share my passion for the Chilito, I hope this makes your day!
Also, some of you may know that another passion of mine is sour cream. Well until I was pregnant it was sour cream. I could eat it like a side dish. It was a dipping sauce (add a little salt and ta dah) for chicken, steak, etc. I LIVED to eat sour cream. But then the first trimester took its toll and my passion for sour cream. Thought I'd mention that I have had very small amounts of it during the last two weeks and it seems to be getting better. I'm not ready to buy the large buckets of it yet, but I do feel more like me when I want to order a baked potato (I get to eat a very small one, or part of a larger one without getting TOO many carbs) and ask for sour cream on it.
Babies are still growing in there. Now that the nurse pointed out where they are for me, I have definitely been able to identify small little movements - sort of thuds - that must be them kicking around in there. I'm really excited that soon it should be often enough and hard enough for Troy to feel. I think he will LOVE it. And yes, I know that later on, I will wish that the kicking could subside, especially when it involves my bladder or ribs (Baby B is aiming her feet right at my rib cage, but she still has lots of time and room to move around some so I'm hopeful she won't stay aimed that way). But for now, it's such a cool feeling to know that they are moving around in there and growing big and strong.


Anonymous said...

The three sea turtles got me a little. That is so neat.

Krow said...

Here's my only recommendation... Don't name the boy any of these:
- "Huey"
- "Joe"
- "Lewis"

Sandi said...

As I recall there was a time when you preferred more sour cream than potato anyway :)
Aunt Sandi

Anonymous said...

I remember one time when you brought your own container of sour cream out to a Mexican restaurant.

mithun said...

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