Thursday, November 11, 2010

Emma's Outing with Auntie Karen

Auntie Karen took Emma out for an adventure today. We try to let the kids have "special adventures" with different people (like the Aunties). As a mini-pod of three, they just aren't able to get a lot of one-on-one attention, so it's nice when they have an opportunity to do so. It's hard to explain it to the ones who aren't getting the one-on-one special time right then, but we are really going to try to make it clear that everyone will get these special outings.

Back to her outing:

They ran a few errands and then went to Home Depot where they picked out some flowers for me. Emma (not surprisingly) had to smell EVERY flower on display. My little one will always remind me to "stop and smell the roses", right? She was hoping to bake brownies because she did so the last time she was at Auntie Karen's house, but she was told that they could do it the next time. It's so funny that she even remembers baking brownies with Auntie Karen a few weeks ago (or maybe months). She read books, colored and watched a little Sesame Street too.

While they were out, our sitter took Kendall and Clark to a park and out for their own little adventure. Tonight, "Auntie" Lynn took Kendall out to dinner with her family and it sounds like she had a great time. She even warmed up to Mr. Steve (Lynn's hubby) while she tried to be shy. I guess it's time for Clark to get a special outing, so I might try to take him to lunch tomorrow. Just Mommy and Clark.

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