Tuesday, November 9, 2010

One Pout and Two Cutie-Pies

The kids got to try out their fun Disney jammies that Auntie Karen bought them last year.  They are a size "2 year" but they are huge and we never thought they would fit.  They are still pretty big, but we are trying them out anyway since they are so warm and fuzzy. 
Emma completely refused to smile and told me "No camera!"  Obviously I didn't really listen to her, but this is what I got after she picked up the Brio train tracks, threw them on the floor and was sent to the corner/time-out.  Sweet, huh?
I wasn't able to get a super-cute pic of Kendall thought she was being a very good girl at the time.  But Clark was all smiles for the camera and I lucked-out (on the "auto" setting...ugh!) with that big beautiful grin. 
Lucky me.

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