Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy us....

Six years ago (on a Sunday, no less) Troy and I began this journey together.  I should probably explain why we chose a Sunday.  It's because of Tennessee football.  You see, if we wanted anyone to show up for the wedding, we would have to be married on a day OTHER than one when the Volunteers were playing.  Our friends and family are either working on game days or completely engrossed in the game and a wedding scheduled during a game is a big no-no here.  Some people dare to do it, but we didn't want to be the subject of such a scandal.
After the wedding, we spent a beautiful week in Orlando.  Yes, Orlando.  Again, a little explaination might be required since we planned our wedding in less than five weeks (OK, my sister, Karen, really planned quite a bit of it for me) and Orlando was the easiest to schedule and we knew to expect great weather at that time of year, plus the Food and Wine Festival would be going on in EPCOT (a favorite event for us).  Nope, it wasn't exotic (that was our SECOND honeymoon in May of 2006 when we traveled to Kona and Kauai, Hawaii).  But it was exactly what we needed and we had a great time.  We love Disney and EPCOT and we found a great condo and had amazing food (Emeril's Tchoup Chop is still, hands-down, our favorite restaurant). 
Our lives have taken a dramatic turn with the addition of our three beautiful munchkins.  They really are awesome and we are incredibly thankful for them after struggling with fertility issues in order to get pregnant.  Who in attendance at the wedding would have imagined that we would one day have triplets?!?!?!  Certainly not us.   But here we are and we have had many challenges and and many more celebrations since that day.
We are blessed beyond our wildest dreams!

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