Friday, November 12, 2010

Ring Around the Rosy

The kids were playing around singing "Ring Around the Rosy" and tumbling into a heap of arms, legs and giggles at "we all fall down."  I think they sang through the song about five times before finally moving on to something else (Kendall and her drum).
We had a number of visitors this evening.  Auntie Chris has been craving hugs and kisses from Clark so she stopped by until dinnertime.  Then Poo Pa came by and hung out with them in the playroom while I handled bathtime and cleaned up a few messes created during the remodel work on the bathroom.  The kids were thrilled to have some time with him.  And they were incredibly surprised when Aunt Tami showed up.  They climbed all over her and had fun "catching up" on what they are doing. 
We are planning to do something fun with Aunt Tami because the weather will be beautiful tomorrow.  I'm hoping that she and I can spend a little time taking pictures of the munchkins, so we'll see what I have to share tomorrow evening.

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