Monday, November 8, 2010

A chubby cheek flashback (November 2008)

I wasn't able to capture any shots of the kiddos tonight before they went to bed, so I thought I'd dig through the oldies and look what I found.....

The first few shots were taken by Auntie Karen and Uncle Tom during a visit to the Cove (in early November 2008).  We are big fans of that particular area, especially in pictures.  And when the kids were that age, it was such a peaceful location with lots for them to see.  The kids would almost always fall asleep on the blanket after hanging out for a while.  
The other shots were taken at home a few days later.  I just couldn't get enough of those CHUBBY CHEEKS!
It is such a balancing act emotionally with three little ones.  We want to see them grow and develop and learn new things and are always excited at the thought of them being a little more independent.  But then I see these pictures and remember that they are only little once and it's amazing how fast they are growing and changing....right before our eyes.  A part of me (a sick, crazy part who enjoys sleep-deprivation) sort of wishes they could be that little just for a few hours every so often.  I'm glad that we can look back on pictures and a few videos to be reminded of how cuddly they were just a short while ago.
Strollers, pacis, bibs and rattles were such an important part of our daily routine back then and we couldn't imagine anything else.  But here we are and now trains, play-doh, kitchen stuff, books and Signing Times are what we look forward to almost every day.  
They sing songs, ride bikes, rake leaves and hit each other with toys.  Uh, wait, I didn't mean to share that with everyone.  OK, maybe I will want to remember how they are clocking each other over the head with train pieces, a Fisher Price plane and other relatively hard and painful toys (AKA weapons).  It's not always warm and fuzzy here between these three who came into being at the same time.  The relationship between my three munchkins has the potential to be so cute and sweet just before it gets loud and painful.  Hopefully we can find a way to teach them how to treat each other with kindness (and very quickly).  I'm open to suggestions if anyone wants to share with me. 
It's time for me to call it a night.  The time change is playing tricks with my inner-clock and I'm ready to fall asleep typing.  Nightie-night!

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