Monday, January 18, 2010

Sweet Clark

I'm taking a different approach tonight and just posting one picture and a few "highlights" about the subject.

Clark is a sweetie-pie. And Clark can be completely frustrating. He has this incredibly annoying habit of throwing things. During meals, he tosses things from his tray when he's done or doesn't like something. He gets angry/frustrated and starts picking up toys (or anything nearby) and pitches them out of the playroom. He loves to take things to a different area and hit them on the floor to see how it sounds. His teacher and I discussed this because I was a little concerned and she said that it could be a postive step as he learns about cause and effect. I'm wondering when the "effect" will be that HE gets to clean it all up??? OK, it can be funny and even cute, but sometimes it is just plain annoying.
On a lighter note, he is definitely learning to dance. Today I saw him start bouncing around a few times when he heard music. He wanted to run around with sissy's tutu the other night and Daddy had to draw the line, but he does seem to really enjoy music.
It would also appear that he might have learned the word no, though it sounds more like "nah" and is usually accompanied by a twist of the head that indicates he is definitely not interested in whatever I am offering at the time.
And I think I figured out that the off-brand creamed corn is NOT something he likes as I got a string of "nah-nah-nah" followed by a toss of the head. I guess I'll have to splurge on the expensive name-brand stuff in the future.
Clark is my sweetie and is also my toy-stealing, hair pulling, finger biting, ear poking (yes, I said EAR) monster. He loves to stick his finger in my ear when I pick him up from his bed. It's funny, but gross and really bad if he has sharp nails. Guess I need to whip out the mittens and duct tape them to him for a while. KIDDING!!!!
Here's to my Clarkie-poo and hope he sleeps soundly tonight.

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