Friday, January 8, 2010

An Experiment in Creamed Corn

My kids like creamed corn. I just discovered this tonight and was pleasantly surprised since they have become pretty picky eaters. Last year when we embarked on solid foods, I was relieved that they were willingly eating a number of different veggies. That has changed in recent months and it's a bigger accomplishment to get them to consume anything of the "veggie persuasion". They seem to be willing to eat sweet potatoes, carrots and at times peas and corn (sometimes still frozen and other times cooked), but that is about it.
Creamed corn? A "success" at veggie consumption? Hey, it's a vegetable. It might not be green and may not offer much in the way of nutrients, but at least they ate it. Clark couldn't get enough of the stuff. Emma had to observe, research and investigate before actually eating all of it and then licking the bowl clean (see the picture). And Kendall decided that creamed corn was an incredible dipping option for her chicken strips (Papa John's, of course). She (like her mother) loves dipping sauces and I hadn't brought out the ketchup yet, so she tried out creamed corn on her chicken and apparently thought it was pretty good.
Uncle Stevie was a real trooper and WALKED to our house (two blocks or so away, but hey, it's 20 degrees outside) to help me out with the kiddos since it was obvious that Daddy would be working late. He let the kids play with his numerous scarves and cool hat and gloves. It provided some entertainment and a photo op for me.
I've also included a picture of their cool new suitcases. Aunt Lolly had them monogrammed with their names and cute pictures. We love them and can't wait to send the kids to her house for a week this summer. :)
And I feel that I should also explain that I have no idea what was stuck to their faces when I took the scarf/hat/glove pictures. I do know that whatever stuck to Clark's forehead proved quite challenging to remove during bath time and I was a little grossed out and just rinsed it away. Sorry that they look like dirty kids, but the pictures were fun.
Happy Friday!

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Karen said...

Goodness. Louis kids...cute, cute, cute. Suitcases...cute, cute, cute. Uncle Stevie...ok, I won't embarrass you Stevie, I'll just say Uncle Stevie rocks, rocks, rocks! All kids need an Uncle Stevie. And proud of you for giving us these great posts rock too!