Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Trips Around Town

Once again, I struggle when posting more pictures of one (or two) children than another, but Clark just wasn't cooperating for pictures this evening.
Uncle Tom and Auntie Karen took Clark for an outing this afternoon including dinner at Jason's Deli and then window shopping at Best Buy. Sounds like he really wants an XBox 360, Guitar Hero, Rock Band and a bunch of movies. He enjoyed his meal out which consisted of pudding, cantaloupe, pasta salad, peas, cheese, graham crackers and more. Basically, they let him eat whatever he was willing to try. He was also treated to Uncle Tom's "funky" music in the car (think "Brick House", "Play that Funky Music", etc), so I'm sure he will be having dreams of disco lights dancing in his head tonight.

While he was off on his outing, Mommy decided that it was a good opportunity for a Girl's Night Out. I loaded Kendall and Emma in the van and put in Abba's Greatest Hits and we were rocking out to "Dancing Queen" and "Take a Chance on Me" before a shopping trip (actually an errand) at Cedar Springs Christian Store. We were lucky to find Auntie Deb still working and she joined us for dinner at Carinos. The girls did really well and especially enjoyed coloring on the paper table covers.

Luckily for Mommy, Uncle Stevie arrived at the house shortly after I dumped both girls in the bathtub. Multiple baths are always a bit challenging. They can be super fun, but the logistics of keeping everyone happy AND safe are always interesting. Clark arrived home just in time and it was quite crowded in the nursery while we finished up baths and getting jammies on before heading back downstairs for the final "lap"...literally. They run laps from one corner of the room to the other just before bedtime and I swear it helps them sleep better. :)

Sleeping better sounds like a great idea, so I'm going to sign off until tomorrow. Sweet dreams....

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el ~ said...

its awesome that clark had individual time and you and your daughters were able to enjoy some girl time. cute kids!