Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day #5: Despite Computer Complications.....

Despite the computer issues I am experiencing right now, I am determined to get pics posted on here. I'm using hubby's computer while I quickly try to be sure that everything on my laptop is on an external hard drive (spelling???). Long story short, my computer could be crashing on me at any moment or the power connection could start a fire. I have a great warranty...from Circuit City. So, any malfunctions could mean that the laptop gets shipped off to the company handling their warranty claims (thankfully there is someone who can take care of it) and I'm in BIG trouble if I don't have my computer. My biggest concern is that I have EVERYTHING elsewhere, just in case...especially pictures, video and emails.
Anyway...hope you enjoy the pictures from this evening's playtime (as a group) with blocks. Auntie Chris S (you know who you are), I believe that Emma is telling you to keep your mitts off of her blocks. :) JUST KIDDING. I know Ems can be scary at times, but she is all bark and very little bite.

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Karen said...

LOVE these pics!!!