Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Let's Seeeeeeeee........ Miss Kendall

Tonight is Kendall's night, despite her meltdown just before bath time.
She has been the talker. She mumbles entire conversations that we just can't quite understand yet. But SOMEDAY, we will hear all that she has to say. In the meantime, we enjoy her lectures from the bay window (and elsewhere) and wonder where this could lead....?????
Kendall is a dancer and a singer. She bobs her head to the music wherever we are and seems to have a wide range of musical interests. It is so funny to hear her try to sing the words to the songs and how she actually gets some of it right.
Unfortunately she does have a temper. She throws herself onto the floor when things don't quite go her way. I keep trying to tell myself that she is just passionate and doesn't quite know how to express it.
The "let's seeeee" in the title is because that is what she says when I start to put in a movie for them to watch. I am usually picking it out and she is saying "Let's seeeeeeee.....". It's cute, but it can take a turn down the wrong path if I pick the wrong movie.
She's artistic and loves to "cowere" (color)...a lot. I have to hide the crayon box from her because once she sees it, the passionate side strikes again and she won't let us pass up the chance for her to express herself creatively. If I could just convince her that eating crayons is not part of the fun, we'd be in great shape.
Kendall is also a Daddy's girl. She wakes up saying "Daddeeeee" and constantly says "Daddeeee" when she hears a noise from the garage (very much like when he comes home from work) or when she hears something upstairs and thinks that he is still home (though it's usually Teddy). Again, cute but it can go very bad. And sometimes Mommy wants her to say "Mommeeeee" in the morning, right?
Oh and the picture of the disaster in the playroom is my attempt to share with everyone how destructively messy my kids are! This relates to my Kendall story because she is my best helper when it comes to "Clean up. Clean up. Everybody. Everywhere." She is great at sorting similar things, picking up toys and also organizing the Little People in a row. My little helper.

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Oh, Snapp! said...

Hahaha! These pictures are GREAT!