Friday, January 22, 2010


We had two very fussy girls on our hands tonight and ended up just scooping them up and putting them to bed. This AFTER a relatively fussy day because Clark is under the weather and the girls were just unsettled all day since he needed a little extra cuddling.
Clark couldn't sleep at nap time, so he had a quick road trip with Daddy to Books-a-Million and a couple of other errands. He is SO exhausted right now, but coughing and having trouble sleeping. Poor little guy. :( Initially, we had hoped this was a teething thing (low fever and fussy), but now that he's started coughing, we aren't sure what's up. Hopefully we can get it under control and avoid any trips to the dr.
Auntie Karen and Uncle Tom had to come over to help out for a little bit as I was stuck at Radio Shack dropping off my laptop for warranty service (I think it's dead, but we shall see. Weird since I didn't buy my laptop from them, but that's another story entirely.) Either way, it took almost an hour and the sitter needed to leave. Once I was home, it was almost nap time and the kids (ALL THREE OF THEM) freaked out when Auntie K and Uncle T tried to leave. It was bad enough that they stayed until I could get everyone down....everyone except Clark. It was pretty pitiful seeing the girls clinging to them and Clark upset because he just felt terrible. What a sad sight.
Poo-pa (Grandpa) came by to see the kiddos tonight, which was fortunate, since I was trying to get all of the baths done quickly so that Clark could get to bed a little earlier. We can't get Kendall to call him anything in particular, but Ems was happy to hang out with Poo-pa and watch TV and read books. It does seem that Kendall is calling Uncle Stevie by his name, though I think she just has the "Stevie" part down.
So, the girls are sleeping soundly.....knock-on-wood.....and we hope that Clark will be able to get some sleep.
All of that to say that there were very few pics to choose from tonight and what I have a purely the girls in F-U-S-S-Y mode. I just couldn't bring myself to torture Clark with the flash tonight when he was feeling so rotten.

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Karen said...

Awww. Hopefully tomorrow will be better for everyone...including mommy. You are doing such a great job posting everyday in spite of the ups and downs. Your days are very long. Just want you to know how much we appreciate it and love seeing them everyday even if only in pictures. Love you.