Sunday, January 24, 2010

Three Babies - Three Fevers - Uh Oh

I have three kiddos with fevers. Kendall and Clark seem to have a relatively low fever (around 100 usually). Emma showed up somewhere between 102-104 earlier today, but it's hard to know because of the thermometer we use. We love it and often think its accurate, but today it just seemed funky.
Either way, we have very few other symptoms going on except for Clark's congestion and cough. It was MUCH better today but Ems did have a little stuffy going on mid-day. Oh how we love snot! (Uncle Tom, skip reading that part.)
Hopefully everyone will be better quickly because THEY CANNOT BE SICK ON THEIR BIRTHDAY next week (one week from today)! Nope. Not gonna have it. We are feeding them blueberries (super food, you know), sweet potatoes, bananas, grape juice and vitamin C just to try to keep them as healthy as possible.
Ironically they were in pretty great moods this evening despite their potential sick-state. Daddy got home just before bedtime and had fun getting tackled by all three at once. Emma looked pretty worn out by the time she rolled into her crib, so I'm hoping she gets some rest tonight.
I tried to get a picture of Clark's new (to him) cool-kid red Converse tennis shoes and his super-cool retro'ish Star Wars shirt. We are loving the Converse so much that we will probably have to find some for the girls too. We sort of hate the onesies at this point, but since they find ways to pull off their diapers, the girls have to live in them for now. Hopefully we can get past that and move on to fun shirts and dresses by the time Spring arrives.
And you can't really tell by looking at the picture, but Emma was freakishly strong picking up a large tub of Mega Blocks in the family room. She wanted to get Daddy to open up the container and play with her. We thought it was funny that she is just so petite and can lug a huge box of blocks from the hearth down to the floor and over to where he was sitting. She is incredibly strong for her size.
Time for me to go read more of my camera manual before my photography class begins later this week. Troy registered me for a class as part of my (belated) birthday present, so I hope to have much better photos to post in the next few months.
See ya tomorrow.

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