Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day #3 The Pressure is On

Looks like most of the pictures I will manage to post DAILY will have the kids in their jammies because I don't get around to taking a picture until after baths and just before bed when I remember, "Poop! I have to take pictures and get them on the blog!" Hopefully, after a week or two of this, the novelty of mommy's camera will wear off and it will be easier to get a decent picture and I might even bring it out earlier in the day. Right now, I seem to be fighting to get them away from my camera and then they just refuse to look at me or just be cute doing something photography-worthy. Ugh! Why can't they understand the pressure I am under to publish a picture each and every day this year?!?!?!
Anyway, tonight was the same...Kendall attacking me and my zoom lens at first and then Emma joined in the antics. Clark was happier hanging with Uncle Stevie. Once I tried to get him in a shot he wanted to watch the nighttime movie and not bother paying any attention to me.
And again, the pressure to post equal numbers of pictures of all three is causing me distress, so here are some not-so-great pics of all three.
A few notes: Emma was hiding from the camera by ducking behind their grocery store toy. Prior to that shot was the one with her running. I decided to throw it on here because I was hoping you could see her fashion statement - two different colored slippers - "shoooooos". Kendall has been eating her fist for about a week because of new teeth (yup, 2 yr molars from what I understand). This was the best shot of her giving me a "cheesy" smile including the fist. Nice. Clark focused on the movie. At least he wasn't trying to take the camera apart.

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