Monday, January 25, 2010

F-U-S-S-Y...the Sequel....

Last night was bad. Really bad. And it was just ONE kid causing all of the trouble, but still incredibly bad. Fortunately, Mommy and Daddy were able to trade-off to get a mental break at times. Clark was coughing big-time so we (brilliantly) decided to try a breathing treatment. The noise totally caught him off guard and scared the bah-jeez-uz out of him. It was awful and he just couldn't find a way to recover....until Daddy took him for a drive in the van and they watched a movie. On the way to he van he said "bye-bye". After about 20 minutes, Daddy was able to get him to go right to bed. Ahhhhhhh.
Or not. He woke up again around 3a (I think. It's all a blur.) and I had him calmed down, but when I tried to return him to his bed he was not having it. Since I was so out of my mind, I thought I'd bring him to our room and he did fall asleep quickly. He was even giggling in his dream at one point and I wished I could have caught it on video because it was so precious.
And then he woke up. Again. For no reason that we could identify. Screaming. Howling. Whining. Bad. Again. The TV wouldn't solve his problem. Humming. Rocking. Cudding. Nothing was calming him down.
And then Daddy got out the PlayStation PSP and a car game and Clark was in and out of happy-mode. He did like watching the replay and seeing the car run off of the road (since Daddy was driving and helping manage a fussy boy). Finally he returned to his own bed around 6a and managed to stay there until 10a. Mommy and Daddy were not as fortunate.
The silence tonight is almost deafening. But it feels like angels are swirling around my head because it's so incredibly peaceful. I should be sleeping, but am blogging first. Dedication.
I hope that my precious ones are feeling better tomorrow. Mommy is not a fan of taking them to the dr and we are just about at that point. I think that Clark was definitely turning a corner today health-wise, so let's just hope that Kendall and Emma are back on track tomorrow too.
Mommy doesn't usually appear in pics (for good reason), but Daddy got a couple just before bed tonight.
Sleep tight my little pumpkins.

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Triomom said...

Oh no! NOT fun! Hope Clark feels better soon...poor baby. :( BTW - very cute pics! :)