Thursday, January 7, 2010

Just another (snow) day in paradise

Back again with pictures. We are getting some winter weather here and hubby's work even closed their doors early as a result. Looks like I'll be stuck at home tomorrow unless things warm up considerably.
The kids have no clue about the snow falling just outside their playroom window. I perched them up there for a looksie, but they didn't realize that anything was different.
We still seem to be struggling with teething in our house. I believe all three of them might be getting their 2-year molars, though I have yet to find teeth back there when I've been brave enough to search. They have been fussy, feverish and shoving their fists into their mouths for about a week (maybe more). Emma is probably in the worst shape, so I'm crossing my fingers that she gets some rest.
FYI...the expression on Clark's face is sort of how I felt at that point. I was just wondering what had come over my kids...???? They were little demons at that particular time of the evening and I was on my own and thinking like I was just going to plop down in there with them and do nothing. No one was happy this evening at one point. They all wanted the attention at the same time. Oh, and it was definitely bad hair night for the girls because I was in a rush to get through baths. Oops. CRAZY hair!
Isn't it nice to feel loved???? Aaahhhhh.....

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Oh, Snapp! said...

I am LOVING all of the pictures!