Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010! Day #1 of Our Year in Pictures

Happy New Year to all!

I've decided to make an ATTEMPT to post at least one picture everyday in 2010. Yes, for me, that would be a miracle, but I'm going to try. What this means for you, the reader:
I will not necessarily post any written dialogue, updates, etc.
It will not always be a picture including all three kids.
At year end, I don't want to hear from anyone that I posted more pictures of X-child than Y-child or Z-child. I live with the CONSTANT guilt of whether I have enough pictures of each child. Often, what prevents me from posting on the blog is because I can't get an even number of pictures of each child, so I just don't post. In light of the guilt, I'm asking that you not point out to me that I've neglected to post a picture of such-and-such lately. I will be fully aware of that fact and striving to make this as "even" as possible. :)

So, here is today's installment. And yes, there are TWO pictures. Clark was up having some Daddy-time this evening (instead of going to bed) and they were hanging out in the recliner watching some football. Too cute. I should also point out that this was just after Mommy found Clark standing between his bed (a pack-n-play) and the queen-sized bed in the room. In case you don't understand what this means....HE CLIMBED OUT OF HIS BED! He escaped! He knows how to get out! Ugh! I'm hoping it was a fluke. We'll see what happens in the morning.
Good night and I'll be back tommorrow with another picture.

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