Thursday, January 14, 2010

Red Eye Reduction???

The red eye reduction flash on my camera is causing Clark to give me squinty/squishy face. He gets that stupid thing flashing in his face and doesn't want to go blind by continuing to wait on me to take his picture. And I can't blame him because it is pretty annoying. Hopefully my photography class will help me find a better way to get their pictures without torturing them by means of the flash. :)

Mommy is happy that tomorrow is Friday and I will be home with them all day! Yippee! I have big plans to set up the makeshift ball pit in the family room to provide a little change of pace. This should provide a good photo op tomorrow, so check back with us.

Sweet dreams.


Chanda the Eco-Cheap Mom said...

I'm impressed you've kept up with this so far. Good job!

The Deakins said...

have you been introduced to Picasa website yet? it's a photo editing? and i used to get the same pictures so i just took the red eye reduction off and if it happens then you just go to picasa and it uploads them automatically and then can hit one button and it take the red out automatically...tons and tons of other stuff to do on there too!