Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 2: The Girls and Adventures in Diaper-Diving

It's Day #2 of Our Year in Pictures and I'm back again as I had planned. See what I mean though? I'm already trying to make things "even" and get both girls on here tonight. Here we go!
Emma IS growing because she is sporting her sissy's jammies tonight and they aren't too baggy on her. Kendall is wearing her brother's jammies because that was what we found first...and they fit...and they can't be taken off during the night. The picture was taken just before an all out fight began over the tea cups.
Description of the fight: Emma thought she should control BOTH of the purple tea cups. Kendall swooped in and took one and just started waltzing around with it. Ems went off the deep end. I TRIED to explain that she had ONE tea cup and that was enough and it was so much nicer to share with sissy. Yeah, right. Oh well. Both girls survived.
A not-so-funny update related to the jammies: Emma is now somewhat infamous (among the "regulars") for her "diaper-diving". That's Mommy's term for her favorite pastime of getting poop on everything in her crib. Can you say G-R-O-S-S?!?!?! She now has to wear jammies that zip closed (and we pray she doesn't learn how to operate a zipper anytime soon or she will have to wear a sleep sack). We actually change her clothes at naptime into jammies after Mommy suffered through two days of poop on everything. I texted Daddy at work (and Aunt Karen in FL) to tell them that I had a "chocolate-covered Emma" when I found her on Thursday. Nope. It was poop. She will probably kill me for sharing this, but quite frankly, I wanted to wrestle her when I found her "war-paint" of poo on her face, hands, sheets, pillow, crib, etc. You get the picture.
Now, as a result of the "diaper-diving" Emma also has to wear oneies instead of tops and pants. She can get access to her diaper otherwise and it isn't pretty.
Don't get me wrong though, she isn't the ONLY one having to wear onesies and zip-up jammers. Kendall is now known for her exhibitionist tendencies because she likes to take her shirts and dresses off and run around the playroom. Even more entertaining is when she decides to parade her nakedness in the front window of the house. Harmless? Yes. Cold? Yup. So, we have been putting her in more challenging clothing in order to get past this little "phase". I know that some of our readers have absolutely NO problem with nakedness. And yes, it really is harmless with kids this age, but it really is cold. She also showed a "diaper-diving" tendency, so we decided to try to "kill two birds with one stone" and hope this gets us through for now.

Day #2 and I actually posted more of an update. Who knew? I have more stories to share so maybe I'll try to get ambitious and post something more than just a picture again tomorrow. We'll see.
Enjoy your Sunday!


Oh, Snapp! said...

I hope you show this to their boyfriends and girlfriends when they blossom into the teenage dating scene! Hahahaha! Oh my!

john cave osborne said...

HA! love it, even though i almost fainted during the war paint part. we've had a little stomach bug run its way through our trio, so i can assure you that we are no strangers to poop ourselves. (though, thankfully, it's not yet doubled as war paint!)