Saturday, January 16, 2010

Movin' Right Along

Today was another day that just didn't go as planned. But we did get the kids some time in the family room instead of their playroom. They always love this and enjoy the opportunity to get VERY close to the TV. They have also become more aware of the fireplace since I took out the pink and brown comforter that covered up the brick. Of course, it is not as safe as before, but we sort of thought it might be time to start teaching them more about boundaries (the physical ones) and how to avoid getting hurt. So far, that hasn't bit us in the backside (meaning no trips to the ER with head injuries from a fall next to the fireplace), but we will keep praying that this works for us.
Clark seems to be into moving things. EVERY thing. He wants to move the chairs, the car, the box, the table. Yup. That was his primary focus when allowed to roam somewhat freely in the family room. He was also interested in the mechanics of their four-wheeler. He wanted to see how it operated "under the hood". I think he was also moving things around while trying to plan his escape OUT of the family room. He was pushing chairs up to the baby gate at one end and I felt that he would have been climbing over had we not sounded the dinner bell.
Kendall was happy to watch the Wiggles and play with a drawing thingy. It's sort of like an Etch-a-Sketch, but not quite. She also found the last remnants of the orchids that were perched high above on the mantle. The flowers have finally fallen off, but she saw that as a chance to smell them. I love to hear her say "flower" and "color" as she doesn't quite get it right and says "were" at the end of both, so it sounds more like "fow-were" and "cul-were". It's cute and precious and sweet. I hope to get it on video so I will always remember that about her.
Emma was dancing up a storm to the Wiggles movie that played on TV. She also decided that the newspaper and the phone books were all good "books" to peruse. It was funny to see her pick up a phone book and say "book" and start flipping pages. Not too exciting there, but she seemed proud of herself anyway.
All three seemed to have meltdowns timed to occur in sequential order. As soon as one would settle down, the other would begin and the volume became intolerable. It's amazing how quiet things get when they nap. I find that I barely have the desire to turn on music or the TV when I am alone in the car or in the house during naps. I just enjoy NOT hearing the whines and cries of three almost-two-year-old children. I DO feel thankful for them and know that their voices are indeed so precious, but seriously, have you ever spent a full day in the home of a family with multiples? The noise-level can get pretty intense. It should also be mentioned that often I DO encourage some of the screaming because I like to laugh LOUD and scream in a happy way when they are running around like crazy kids. But the crying...all the same time???? Ooohh. It is definitely not my favorite part.
Aside from that, we made it to bedtime and without much incident when it came right down to going nightie-night (thankfully). I can only hope that tomorrow we make more memories - just happy, slightly quieter ones. :)

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