Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dinner with Do Doll

As displayed in one of the Emma pictures, she was not a happy camper when I tried to explain that Do Doll could not eat dinner WITH her (as in right next to her in the same highchair). My brilliant plan to calm my screaming child (and hopefully convince her to eat) was to put Do Doll in a chair nearby and she could share in the bountiful feast of homemade sweet potato fries. I should also mention that everyone enjoyed their sweet potato fries this evening, including Do Doll.

I need to work harder on learning the ins and outs of my new camera and also try to take the time to consider "composition" but, as anyone who has attempted to photograph toddlers will confirm, it is virtually impossible to get a picture to work out as you envision it. You just keep clicking the shutter and hope that you catch something amazing and pray that it is actually TAKING pictures. There are a (very) few shots that I just LOVE LOVE LOVE, but we have had our moments. I'm also having trouble getting the kids to tolerate the (constant) flash and the red-eye reduction flash-thingy. It is just too bright for them to be willing to pose for me anymore. I think that it's lost it's novelty. Or maybe because Mommy has been working more lately and therefore been away all day means that they could care less about the picture-taking and would rather climb on me to play...? (insert guilty feelings and sad face here - but it won't be like this every week)

Oh, and the picture of Kendall where you can't quite see her face is there to show off her beautiful, long eyelashes.

See you all again tomorrow.

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