Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Business

We are getting some snow. Our area seems to be on high alert though I'm not sure how bad it really is since I'm inside.
Today, I tried to stick with my photography class rules and shoot only on "manual", but that just doesn't work when you are new to this and trying to get pics of moving targets. They NEVER sit still when you want them to and I don't quite understand how to get all of the elements to work with me, but give me 7 more classes and we will see what happens.
Daddy brought in some snow for the kids to see and touch when he got home tonight. I tried to keep them up a little later so that they could see him. They really enjoyed feeling the cold, wet snow and Emma giggled when he let her take a small chunk and walk around with it.
Kendall LOVES her kiwi, so please forgive the black seed that is stuck to her face. She was so happy to get kiwi that I had to take a picture of her.
And the picture of Clark with a sippy cup covering his face is just there so that I can show off his beautiful eyelashes.
Emma's "leg warmers" are really Cookie Monster slippers that she gets around her legs instead of wearing the slippers on her feet. She walks around like she is ALL THAT and a bag of chips and it was too funny.
Happy Winter!

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Triomom said...

Love the pics! They came out great! :)